Antique finds serve as functional decor for a log cabin porch.

How to Decorate the Front Porch of a Log Cabin

by Kathy Adams

A log cabin porch gives you an ideal space to display hand-hewn items, antiques and western or rustic memorabilia, because the cabin itself meshes well with any of these themes. A cabin porch is all about creating an outdoor space that's comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable -- the view and quietude likely inspire a lot of porch-sitting time. Porch decor can be handmade, hand-me-down or both; mismatched pieces that add to the vibe of the space are welcome and fitting for this outdoor relaxation area.


Adirondack-style chairs made of wood, either varnished or painted, look right at home on a cabin porch. A rocking Adirondack chair is an added bonus -- comfort is king on the porch, especially when it's an outdoor extension of the inside living area. Handmade chairs made from tree branches also suit a log cabin's porch, because the rounded branches replicate the curvature of some cabin logs. A worn wooden bench or two serve as additional seating, or can be used to set plant pots upon.


You need a table or two as part of the porch decor; when sitting outside for a while, you or your guests should have a place to set a glass of lemonade or tea. An upended log serves as an extremely rustic table, or opt for a varnished tree-slice table for an artistic version of the same. A vintage wooden crate set on end can also be used as a table, adding to the decor even more if its sides feature vintage advertising.

Crocks and Glassware

A large, weathered wide-mouthed crock serves as a place to stash umbrellas for rainy weather, or as a planter holding flowers or twigs. Add twinkle lights to the twigs or branches for a more modern twist. Antique glass bottles decorate an old cabinet or bookshelf repurposed for outdoor storage; add a few freshly picked flowers to use the bottles as makeshift vases. An old washtub or wash bowl and pitcher set near the door serve as reminders of simpler era.

Accessories and Wall Decor

Vintage signs from a country store or retired farm machinery add a rustic or country element to the walls and also add a splash of color. Old rusted hand tools hung from the walls add to that ambiance. A dinner bell gives the cabin an old-time charm.

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