Start with a plain, white lampshade, then let your imagination run wild.

How to Decorate a Girl's Lampshade

by Michelle Ullman

If you want an inexpensive, quick way to liven up your daughter's bedroom, transform a plain, white lampshade into a creative conversation piece. Depending on the age of your child, she can help pick supplies, assist with the lampshade makeover or handle the entire project herself. For safety, use your decorated lampshade over a compact fluorescent or LED bulb that remains cool.


You could paint the lampshade a solid pink, purple or whatever colors your daughter fancies, but do not stop there. Get whimsical by adding painted flowers, dots, squiggles or even smiley faces. Another option is painting stripes around the shade. Alternate two colors, or create a rainbow with bright colors. For an edgier look, try painted zebra stripes, leopard spots or tiger stripes. If you have a steady hand, utilize paint pens to write inspirational sayings, fun quotes or even your daughter's name around the painted shade.


Pick out a pretty, lightweight fabric, cut it to size, and glue it around the lampshade for an easy makeover. Or for a bohemian style, cut long, ragged strips of various fabrics; then knot them around the lampshade, staggering the placement of the knots. Trim the fabric ends to leave just an inch or two dangling down. A girly girl will love a ribbon-festooned lampshade. Go simple with ribbons neatly wrapped around the lampshade and glued in place, or create an elaborate design with one color of ribbon arranged in horizontal stripes going one way, and another color of ribbon in overlapping, horizontal stripes running the opposite direction.


Create a real conversation starter by gluing items onto a lampshade. Snip the stems of faux flowers, and hot glue the flower heads around the shade for a romantic touch most girls cannot resist. Or cover the shade with colorful buttons in various shapes and sizes. Sketch out a simple pattern with a pencil, and then create a mosaic-like effect with foam shapes glued into the design. For a fun, but faster makeover, glue rickrack trim, pompom trim or tiny tassels around the bottom of the shade.


If you do not trust your freehand artistic skills, use stencils and craft paint to turn the lampshade into a work of art. Shop through the available stencils at your local craft store, and choose a design that fits onto the lampshade. You can stencil one repeating design around it, or use several stencils to create an elaborate scene. Another option uses fabric adhesive to attach lace ribbons or doilies to the lampshade, and then spray paint to cover the entire shade. Once the paint dries, carefully peel away the lace, leaving the design stenciled in the paint.

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