LED lights are cool to the touch, making them a safe choice for decorating a girl's room.

How to Decorate a Girls Room With Christmas Lighting

by Mary Love

The end of the holiday season can feel anticlimatic to a young girl as she watches the ornaments and twinkling Christmas lights being packed away for another year. Preserve some of the holiday magic in her bedroom so she can enjoy the mystical sparkle year-round. Display Christmas lights as everyday decor, surrounding her with the cozy aura of mini-lights throughout the seasons. They can provide an inexpensive accent to elevate her room from ordinary to a starlit retreat. Only use lights that do not get hot, and unplug them when not in use.


Wrap bedposts with mini-lights or swag the lights across the headboard. To diffuse the lights, gather inexpensive tulle on top of them. Hang sheer panels of tulle behind the headboard and suspend strings of lights behind the fabric. Attach a cornice above the head of the bed, and attach strands of clear icicle lights along its bottom edge. To create a dramatic effect over the bed, center and suspend two poles from the ceiling. Drape tulle over the poles to fashion a canopy and lay strings of lights behind the netting.


Accent a large wall with sheer curtain panels hung from a curtain rod. Suspend several strings of Christmas lights vertically behind them. Because Christmas lights are available in many colors, including pink, you can coordinate them with the decor. Encircle the room with icicle lights placed near the tops of the walls. Camouflage the cords with a layer of tulle gathered over them. Outline your daughter's name on a stretched artist's canvas and pierce the canvas at regular intervals following the outline of the text. From the back of the canvas, insert a light into each hole so she can see her name in lights.


Paper Chinese lanterns can provide an inexpensive focal point for a bedroom. Hang one or several from the ceiling, inserting Christmas lights through the top openings. To create glitz, paint an old chandelier a youthful color such as teal, purple, lime green or pink. Entwine lights throughout its filigree and mount the fixture onto the ceiling. Design a small illuminated garden to decorate her ceiling. Paint a section of wooden trellis, and then weave strings of lights though the openings and suspend it from the ceiling using chain links. Tuck faux flowers and greenery among the lights..


Outline each bedroom window with a single string of Christmas lights. Consider stringing icicle lights across the top. Position a string at the top at a slight angle and attach it from side to side across the frame until the entire window is illuminated. Flank the windows with narrow, sheer panels and hang stings of lights behind them. Capture the essence of enchanting summer fireflies or fairies with twinkling, clear lights.


Repurpose a birdcage by painting it an accent color and filling it with several strings of lights. Transform an inexpensive round table into an accessory that would please a princess. Paint its top, and staple yards of tulle around the top edge to form a floor-length ruffle. Display several strands of lights behind the tulle. Fill frosted glass jars with lights to illuminate a dark space. Roll paper to form small cylinders. Pierce the paper with text to spell the girl's name and then attach each cylinder over a bulb using colorful paperclips.

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