Glitter adds interest to arts and craft projects.

How to Decorate With Glue and Sparkles

by Traci LaRussa

Even moms enjoy decorating with sparkles and glitter. The enchantment of these timeless beauties combines splendor and simplicity. Safe and easy to use for children, decorating with sparkles offers boundless possibilities, from family friendly arts and crafts projects to stunning holiday decorations and home decor. Glue and glitter can complement most any decor scheme when used in small doses.

Holiday Projects

Embellish pinecones and branches with white, silver or gold glitter for a beautiful holiday centerpiece. Add glue to the inside of a mason jar and swirl with sparkles. When dry, add a battery-operated tea candle to your centerpiece for a stunning holiday accent. Kids can create handmade cards by painting glue on card stock in fun shapes such as Christmas trees, hearts and Easter eggs, and then sprinkle the glue with colorful shades of glitter. Display family photos and greeting cards with sparkling clothespins attached to a narrow ribbon strung across a wall or fireplace.

Gifts and Party Favors

Create a birthday banner by adding shimmering letters to fabric triangles -- glue a small seam at the wide end of the triangle over jute string. Sparkles added to vintage keys make beautiful adornments for gift packages. Cover pencils with glitter and bunch together with ribbon for a handmade gift. Create a crown or cone out of heavy stock paper and let children decorate them at parties. To create a wand, add glitter to a wooden ball or paper star attached to the end of a thin dowel. Adorn tulle with glitter and use as garland or table and chair skirting.

Home Accessories

Faux fruit and silk flowers look stunning when embossed with ultra-fine glitter. Use extra-large flecks to embellish the bottom of drapery in beautiful designs, such as a sunburst pattern. Glitter accents added to the bottom of a vase add a touch of subtle elegance to the most sophisticated homes. Consider covering drawer handles, cabinet door panels, light switch plates and moldings with glitter accents. Add sparkles to picture frames, boxes and glassware.

Wall Art

Create dazzling artwork by painting primed canvas in a shade that matches your color scheme. Use painters' tape to temporarily secure a stencil in your preferred pattern. Carefully brush glue within the design and sprinkle with glitter. Or showcase glittered paper by placing sparkling swatches in six to eight frames and artfully arranging on the wall.

Gluing Tips

For best results, use glue that dries clear and is acid free. Metal glue works well for nonporous surfaces. A decoupage product is ideal for most other projects. Mix glitter in glue for a light shimmer. For bold impact, brush glue on the surface first and sprinkle with glitter. Give it 24 hours to dry before brushing off excess glitter. A clear gloss sealant can be used to keep glitter from flaking -- though sealants do detract slightly from the shine. To clean up loose glitter, use a sticky lint roller.

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