Plants and planters add decor and natural beauty to a balcony.

How to Decorate a High-Rise Balcony

by Kathy Adams

A balcony serves as the yard, porch or outdoor living space for high-rise apartment or condo dwellers. If your balcony is decorated in a way that brings you a sense of peace or relaxation, relaxing on it can help you unwind from the day. Rather than using the balcony as a place to stash the bike or other objects that are out of place indoors, turn that area into an outdoor oasis using furniture and ambient lighting.

Plants Aplenty

While it's true that a balcony is already outdoors, plants bring that outdoorsy feeling home. Plants add a natural touch that serves as decor with a splash of added privacy, especially if you use potted trees or railing-mounted planters. If you don't have a green thumb, even silk plants can enhance the environment, whether they're hanging baskets or faux trees, and they don't require water.

Furnished Functionality

It's the furniture that makes the balcony the kind of place you'd like to spend some time. For a small or narrow balcony, a cafe table with a chair or two creates a cozy place to read with your favorite beverage in hand. A larger space may have space for a lounge chair or an upgrade to a larger patio-style table to seat more guests, along with an armchair at the opposite end of the balcony. White, cheery or pastel-colored furniture adds the vibe of a sunny afternoon outdoors. Choose UV- and weather-resistant fabrics for furniture that stays on the balcony year-round.

Added Ambiance

Auditory and visual cues help the mind relax, so add some chimes or a water feature and ambient lighting for a place of high-rise respite. Chimes that sound pleasant to your ears without being so loud they annoy the neighbors add their gentle song to a slight breeze. A water feature brings nature to the balcony with its rushing water sound, aiding the relaxation process. For lighting, strands of party lights, twinkle lights or rope lighting give that balcony a festive twilight makeover. LED candles offer a balcony-safe version of the real thing, if actual flames are not allowed on the balcony.

From the Ground Up

While you may not often think of the ground or floor surface of the balcony, it does add to the overall vibe of the space. An indoor/outdoor area rug or woven grass mat rests beneath the seating area, highlighting the furniture. Pots and vessels containing plants, or placed simply for decor, add atmosphere. A small stepladder or short bookcase serves as shelves for crocks, urns, plant pots or even a miniature container garden.

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