A suit of armor is classic castle decor.

How to Decorate a House for a Medieval Castle Party

by Joanna Hughes

Ready to take a leap backward to the days of extravagant feasts, dramatic jousting and romantic attire? If so, than a medieval castle party is the perfect theme for your next big bash. Transform guests into knights and princesses and transport them to bygone days by bedecking your home with simple and inexpensive decorations.

A Floral Fantasy

Medieval castles were full of woodland delights. Adorn your home with festive garland and floral wreaths. This can be a fun project for guests. Set up a craft station where they can weave their own garland. The fleur de lis, an enduring symbol of European royalty, has decorated flags and coats of arms for centuries. This stylized depiction of a lily adds a festive flair when stenciled onto decorations. The fleur de lis symbol also is used in modern design on everything from plates to draperies. Keep an eye out for these pieces when shopping, or do a quick Internet search. This is a great money saver and environmentally kind, too, as these items can be used later for everyday living.

Dragon's Lair

A medieval castle is not complete without a dragon waiting outside the castle walls. Give guests a chance to duel with a dragon of their own by buying or making a dragon pinata and providing a "lance" for striking. Hang the colorful creature in the center of the room or from a branch in the backyard if your party has a regal outdoor courtyard.

Life of the Party

Life-size cutouts of classic medieval figures, from dragons to knights and princesses, can add a fantastical element to your home's decorations. Use bright paint colors typically associated with royalty, such as deep purples, bright reds and cheerful yellows, to bring these cutouts to life. Your guests can mingle among these figures.

Go for the Gild

Homemade golden crowns add flair to the table decor of a medieval party. Use them as creative place-card holders for assigned seating or as decorative elements scattered throughout the scene. These can double as take-home party favors. Other era-appropriate accessories include Gothic candlesticks and candelabras as well as all things gold and gilded.

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