Use themes and colors both children agree upon for cohesive bedroom decor.

How to Decorate Jack & Jill Bedrooms

by Kathy Adams

Jack and Jill bedrooms -- separate bedrooms with an adjoining bath or siblings of opposite sex sharing one room -- bring with them the need for extra cohesiveness to tie the decor together. A boy and girl may have distinctly different tastes, including different favorite colors. Finding that happy middle ground results in all parties pleased, including parents, with rooms that visually connect with one another.

Gender-Neutral Walls

Instead of opting for the traditional pink-for-the girl, blue-for-the-boy color scheme for walls, decorate the shared or adjoining rooms with a gender-neutral wall color, such as beige or light green. Ask the kids to list their top five favorite colors; perhaps they both like a certain shade, and you can live with it as well, in which case the problem is solved. If they can't agree upon a color, allow each child to choose a color for one wall for their individual room or space, using that area as a focal wall for their tastes. The remaining walls are painted in a neutral shade that complements their chosen hues.


In a shared Jack and Jill space, the collections of toys, wall hangings and general clutter may vary wildly between siblings. Using matching comforters, sheets or curtains ties the room together regardless of the child's interests. This look also works when the Jack and Jill rooms are divided by a bathroom; from the hallway, visible bedding or curtains makes the rooms visually mesh.

Imaginative Spaces for Young Children

If your children are young enough to appreciate a fantasy theme such as castles or a magical forest, use it to the room together for both parties to enjoy. The boy's portion of the room may feature a loft bed decorated to look like a castle with a dungeon under the sleeping area, while the girl may enjoy a princess-inspired canopy bed with royal purple throw pillows. A castle mural serves as focal wall, appropriate for both parts of the room.

Shared Bathroom

If to you the term "Jack and Jill bedrooms" means sibling bedrooms separated by a shared bathroom, join both bedrooms and the bathroom together with splashes of color or similar themes. If both children enjoy seahorses, for instance, a seahorse decal in each bedroom, as well as a seahorse toothbrush holder in the bath, ties them all together thematically. If the boy's room features a lot of indigo while the girl's has lavender, incorporate both colors in the bathroom through towels, hand towels or wall decor.

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