Adorn your lattice work after you paint it in a background color you choose.

How to Decorate Lattice Work

by Renee Miller

Lattice work, often made of wood or vinyl, is a versatile decor accent. Used primarily outdoors as porch skirting, garden trellises and privacy screens, it isn't unusual to find it in entryways, kitchens or bedrooms. Decorate it with a simple coat of paint or implement more elaborate touches with various textiles, lighting and plants.

Exploring Color

Many homes include lattice-covered entryways or accent walls. Update this look with a coat of paint that picks up on the color scheme of your home. Achieve an industrial look with chrome or pewter paint finishes. Add texture with a faux-stone paint in various hues of gray or brown.

Romantic Touches

Dress up lattice work affixed to the wall above your bed with a mixture of textiles and soft lighting. Staple lightweight fabric or hot glue rice paper to the back of the lattice work. Attach a string of low-voltage lights behind the fabric or paper to create a romantic glow in your bedroom. Stain your headboard in a dark hue to complement white rice paper or light-colored fabrics. Darker fabrics contrast well with white or pastel-painted lattice.

Creeping Vines

Plant ivy along the base of lattice erected in your garden. Weave mature ivy with long vines through the slats as far as it will go and then let it grow naturally. Another option is to plant new sprouts, laying the small vines over and under the lowest opening to train them to climb up the lattice work.

Floral Accents

Add shabby chic embellishments to privacy screens around porches and patios. Hang dried flowers and herbs from the openings, securing them to the lattice with floral wire. Accentuate them with bright silk Gerbera daisies, hung sparingly, during the spring, or with silk sunflowers in the summer. Exchange the silk flowers for gourds and pine cones for the fall and winter months.

Memento Display

Consider painting clothespins in colors from your accent pillows or window treatments. Hot glue them to a piece of lattice. Use them to display children's artwork or family photos throughout the year. During the holidays, use the clothespins to hold Christmas cards.

Vertical Planter

Turn your lattice work privacy screen into a vertical planter. Hang small tin pails of herbs from the lattice with S hooks. Brighten your vertical planter by painting each of the pails in a bold color.

Let the Festivities Begin

Use lattice skirting under the porch as a backdrop for holiday decor. Spread fake cobwebs over the lattice and add plastic spiders for frightful Halloween appeal. Hang garland and clear lights across the lattice during the winter holidays. Adorn the lattice work with crepe streamers and balloons during birthday parties and baby showers.

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