Recapture the passion of the sexy series with a "Desperate Housewives" inspired interior.

How to Decorate Like "Desperate Housewives"

by Christine Bartsch

“Desperate Housewives” may be off the air, but you can keep the soapy drama going at home with a “Housewives” inspired interior. Take a page from the portfolios of the sizzling series’ production designers Thomas A. Walsh and P. Erik Carlson to recreate the sets that helped bring the personalities of your favorite characters to life.

Kooky Susan Mayer

The home of klutzy sweetheart Susan Mayer features bright, crisp colors with whites and greens that symbolize her recently divorced status and fresh start. The eclectic collection of mismatched, country-inspired furniture reflects her quirky character, as in her antique, wrought-iron bedstead. The assortment of busy fabrics and upholstery in ginghams, paisleys and florals also serve to accentuate Susan’s offbeat personality. Scour local art fairs for illustrations that look as if they could have come from the children’s books Susan illustrated to frame and hang as artwork. If you have art aspirations of your own, don’t forget to incorporate Susan’s drawing studio desk in your decor scheme.

Sensible Lynette Scavo

With four crazy kids running her ragged, Lynette has little time to concern herself with decorating, and her home interior reflects that practicality. Select sensible furniture, such as the no-nonsense lines of her Mission-style bedroom set in warm woods that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy family. Stick with large, plump furniture chosen for comfort and durability rather than design. Whether selected as a favor to her husband and three sons, or in the hopes that the color would calm the chaos, soft blue fabrics in oversized plaids and denims work the best for Lynette-inspired decor.

Prim and Proper Bree Van de Kamp

As the Martha Stewart of Wisteria Lane, Bree Van de Kamp keeps her home as perfect as possible both outside and in. Capture Bree’s flawless formality with Federal-style furniture in dark woods that will require the frequent dusting she loves to do. Nothing looks quite so neat and tidy as exacting symmetry, so select decor items that come in pairs, such as matching vases precisely displayed on the same table. If you prefer the sleeker, chicer interior Bree commissioned when she had her home redecorated in the seventh season, opt for a Hollywood Regency look with mirrored end tables and vibrant blue velvet sofas.

Fiery Gabrielle Solis

Fueled by Latin passion, Gabrielle Solis is beautiful, adored and bored -- and she wants everyone to know it from the moment they step inside her home. Given Gabby’s penniless past, it’s no wonder she flaunts her wealth by a home decorated and overflowing with luxurious fabrics in rich, golden tones. Marble, silks and anything expensive -- Gabby wants and gets -- but that doesn’t mean she’s completely abandoned her heritage. Accentuate your Gabrielle-inspired interior with Old World artwork and accessories that reflect her Latin roots.

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