Take a cue from the North Pole and decorate like Santa's workshop.

How to Decorate to Look Like Santa's Workshop

by Jenna Fletcher

The holiday season is a magical time for both children and adults. For children, the allure of Santa Claus makes the season even more enthralling. Delight your children by bringing the enchantment and magic of Santa into your home by decorating it to look like Santa's workshop. Turning your home into a North Pole wonderland will excite your family, and can be done easily.

Welcome to the North Pole

Set the stage by adding a few signs on your front door or in your yard. Signs such as "Welcome to the North Pole" or "Elves at Work" sets the scene for Santa's workshop. You can find ready-made signs like these at most superstores or craft stores. If you prefer, make your own saying sign out of a small piece of plywood attached to a piece of wire to hang it by or a wooden stake so you can put it in the yard.

Evidence of Elves and Santa

One of the first things to come to mind when picturing Santa's workshop is elves. While you probably don't have actual elves, you can leave evidence of them. For example, make a display for a table out of costume elf hats, which can be found online and in most superstores before the holidays. Leave a pair of elf shoes by the door for a bit of evidence in your entryway. Take a thick book or dictionary and cover it. Label the book "Naughty and Nice" and display it. Create a letter from Santa using a computer template, and leave the letter somewhere where it can be easily seen.


Santa's workshop makes toys. Display some vintage toys such as an old-fashioned train set, jack-in-the-box, and any other antique-looking toys. Create an elf work table with toys by taking a long card table or even a playset table and wrapping the top in butcher paper or wrapping paper. Make a few name plates with elf-sounding names on them and place them around the table, creating workstations for the toy makers. Leave a few tools such as old-fashioned hammers on the table as if the elves had been using them to make the toys.

Festive Food

Keep the theme of Santa's workshop going by using clever and festive ways to display food. Setting out jars of candy canes throughout your display brings an instant North Pole feeling. Make label cards for all the food you set out, naming the foods things like "Reindeer Chow" or "Santa's Sweets." Garnish any cups in your table setting with a candy-cane stick, and set out bowls of gumdrops and swirled mints.

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