The picture window creates a focal point in this L-shaped room.

How to Decorate an L-Shaped Living Room With a Large Picture Window

by Michelle Powell-Smith

Unusually shaped rooms, including L-shaped living rooms, pose a number of decorating challenges. Furnishing and decorating an L-shaped room can make the most of the available space, maximizing your living room and even allowing you to create a dining room or study. Whether you opt to decorate your living room as a single space or create multiple rooms from the L-shape, smart styling strategies are essential, particularly with a picture window.


Before you can decorate an L-shaped living room, decide how to use the space. Often, an L-shaped living room is intended to hold both a living and dining area; however, depending upon the layout of your home, you may not want or need a dining area. In that instance, you can use the shorter end of the "L," typically located closest to the kitchen, as a secondary sitting area, an office, a music room, or a library.

Living Room Furniture

When possible, choose a sofa and separate chairs for the living room seating area. This offers additional versatility and creates a comfortable conversation area. To make the most of your picture window, place the sofa facing the picture window, with two small chairs angled opposite the sofa. A coffee table can sit in the center of the space. If your room does not lend itself to this arrangement, or you would like to center your seating area around an entertainment center or fireplace, place two chairs and a small table in front of the picture window.

The Other End of the "L"

Choose furniture for the other part of the "L" that suits its function, whether you're creating a second seating area, a dining room space, or an office. If the space is open to your kitchen, create a cohesive look by carrying elements from the kitchen decor into the space, in terms of color or style.

Color and Flooring

Regardless of how you opt to separate and use the space in your L-shaped room, you do need to create cohesion. Color is one of the easiest ways to turn this oddly shaped room into a fluid space. Paint the walls all one color, whether you opt for a bold shade or a classic neutral. Use a single type of flooring throughout the space for a unified look. You can opt for a single color scheme throughout. For instance, opt for cream walls, blue furnishings and yellow accessories in one defined area, and yellow walls with cream furniture and blue accessories in another part of the "L."

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