Shades of gray accented with striking colors creates a bold color palette.

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom With a Gray Color Palette

by Jann Seal

Step into your master bedroom, close the door behind you and envelop yourself in the serenity of a fluffy duvet, sumptuous shams and pillows, and walls of art that tranquilize your mind. Decorated in either cool or warm grays with undertones of blue, sage or violet, and accented in warm shades that enhance the coloring, a gray master bedroom is modern and inviting.


Paint walls a pale marigold, especially if the master bedroom has a lot of windows and light, or sand with a yellow undertone. The wall behind your bed glistens when painted a textured, deep steel gray. Shades of gray and nautical blue used in your bedding dictates the nautical theme. A gray and blue striped bed skirt complements a gray, blue and yellow duvet. Add mustard-yellow pillow shams trimmed in gray piping. A highly polished wood floor is ideal, but if carpeting is your preference, lay a sculpted gray carpet. Wall art depicting a gray, misty ocean or the tranquility of boats gently rocking in a harbor continue the nautical theme.


The crispness of gray, white and sage turn a master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. White walls with alternating light taupe-gray stripes add interest to the background. White bedding trimmed in gray is simple and elegant. Sage-green throw pillows trimmed in gray and a sage, box-pleated bed skirt also trimmed in gray add a dash of color. Cream and gray ticking is a crisp alternative. Whitewash wood floors, or lay white tile or sculpted white carpet. A sage throw rug on either side of the bed adds floor color. Hang wall art of pastoral beach scenes featuring gray mist, silver-sage and sandy hues.


Gray with a slight undertone of violet is ideal when adding lavender and white to the palette. It turns your master bedroom into a warm environment. Alternate deep-violet stripes with a lighter hue on a feature wall, and paint the other walls pale gray. Window trim, baseboards and crown molding painted white add crispness. Bedding featuring a gray background with violet and white accents or a mix of the three colors continues the theme. Gray carpeting blends well with a shirred, violet bed skirt. A pot of lavender stalks on the bedside evokes the scent of Provence.


Shades of gray melding into one another are a striking, modern theme for a master bedroom. Use tones of gray that are slight variations of one another. Measure the light at different times of day to determine which wall gets the most light, and put the darker gray on that wall. Continue the monochromatic theme with gray carpeting and pale-gray bedding. Add a dash of color -- either violet, persimmon, magenta or lime -- with throw pillows and wall art.

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