Ivy plants need time outdoors.

How to Decorate With Miniature Ivy Plants

by Carolyn Robbins

Gardeners are often hesitant to plant ivy (Hedera helix) as its trailing tendrils climb quickly making the plant difficult to control. If you love the old-fashioned charm of ivy's dark green foliage, miniature cultivars are the perfect option. The tiny plants are well-suited to indoor and outdoor gardens and can be used for topiaries, window boxes, hanging baskets and decorative centerpieces.

Fill a ceramic pot half way full with good quality soil. Transplant an adult miniature ivy plant into the pot and pack soil in around the root ball. Carefully push a topiary form into the pot without damaging the ivy vines. Wrap the vines around the frame and secure with twine. Topiary frames come in all shapes and sizes. For Christmas, use a small cone shaped form and decorate the topiary with miniature ornaments and colorful ribbons.

Place a potted miniature ivy plant in a decorative container such as an antique teapot, silver dish or basket. Tuck stems of flowers including roses (Rosa) and freesias (Freesia) in among the ivy vines for a centerpiece. Plant a tall candle in the middle of the ivy and make it the focal point for a fancy dinner setting. Do not light the candle or dripping wax will damage the plant.

Plant miniature ivy around the periphery of a container garden or window box with other trailing plants such as petunias (Petunia) and potato vine (Solanum jasminoides). The curled leaves of Manda's Crested ivy make a particularly beautiful addition to container gardens.

Plant miniature ivy in a hanging basket. Mix a variety of cultivars such as Midget, Duckfoot and Tussie-Mussie ivy for an interesting arrangement.

Items you will need

  • Potting soil
  • Pots
  • Topiary forms
  • Twine
  • Window box
  • Hanging basket


  • Ivy plants need to spend at least 25 percent of the year outdoors according to the American Ivy Society. Move topiaries and pots into a shaded area a few days a week or one week a month. Keep ivy indoors during the harsh winter months.
  • Mist ivy plants with cold water to deter spider mites. Wait until the soil is nearly dry to water plants. Do not over water or the roots will rot.

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