Use a clawfoot bathtub.

How to Decorate Old-Fashioned Bathrooms

by Lisa Monroe

If you are decorating an old-fashioned bathroom, it doesn't have to match the style of the rest of your interior decor. Make it a lavish space where you can transport yourself back in time and escape the present. The key to giving your bathroom charm revolves around your fixtures. Having the right bath, sink and cabinets is the best way to start. These fixtures alone could be all you require to transform the look of your bathroom.

Walls and Floors

Paint the color of the walls to suit the era. For an art-deco feel, use a light blue and decorate with white accessories. If you'd prefer an old-world look, paint it an earth tone such as brown. When you are deciding what flooring to have, keep color coordination in mind; use a contrasting color. While you should try to keep everything the same style and tone, don't make it too dark or too light.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Start with the largest fixture first. It can be difficult to find an original clawfoot bathtub in good condition, but don't be afraid to use an acrylic model instead. These have all of the charm of vintage bathtubs, but without the hefty price tag and difficult maintenance. Clawfoot bathtubs are a little more versatile than traditional bathtubs when it comes to placement. If you have the space and plumbing options, place it in the center of your bathroom and make sure you have enough space on either side to get in and out.

Sinks and Storage

Pedestal sinks may not provide storage space; however, they are quintessentially old-fashioned. If you have storage facilities elsewhere, such as above your sink, they can really highlight your style. Like clawfoot bathtubs, purchase a pedestal sink that's made from acrylic to make it more manageable. Install open wooden shelving if storage is an issue. Place wicker baskets on top of them to keep modern items out of sight. If you'd rather have a proper cabinet, install an antique medicine cabinet above the sink. This provides a small amount of storage space for bathroom essentials, such as your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hardware and Accessories

One of the biggest giveaways is hardware. Having bright steel hinges, handles and doorknobs can completely ruin the aesthetic. Old-fashioned bathrooms usually contain iron or copper hardware. Replace your bathroom hardware with vintage alternatives or spray them with copper spray paint. Use functional ornamental accessories. Wrought iron is one of the most common materials used in old-world bathrooms. A wrought-iron toothbrush holder, soap dish and toilet-paper dispenser can go a long way. To give your bathroom a calming and relaxing feel, use wrought-iron candlesticks.

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