Craftsman-style bungalows are common in the United States.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom in a Bungalow Home

by Traci LaRussa

Most bungalow homes are inviting dwellings that offer richness in detail and extraordinary appeal. But with that irresistible charm, you often only get a modest amount of space, and small spaces can mean big challenges. Extend the flow of visual appeal to your most private interior -- your bedroom -- by planning wisely to create a sanctuary that exudes with personal warmth and style.

Color Schemes

Keep colors light. Restricting the color palette in your bedroom and using the same paint color on the walls and ceiling makes a room seem bigger. For a cheerful refuge, consider a palette of white with accents in pale blue or navy hues. Use a white color scheme with shades of steel gray and charcoal for a clean, modern appeal. Neutral colors in white, beige, gray and taupe are refined and serene. If you prefer a more colorful palette, try to reserve bold color for your art, bedding and accessories. By adding vibrant color through accents, you will easily be able to update a room with a mix of color while still keeping your room fresh and bright.

The Illusion of Space

An extra-large mirror creates the appearance of more square footage. Place a mirror across from a window, and you instantly increase natural light. Both adding a rod larger than the window and hanging floor-to-ceiling drapery make a window seem larger and promote the appearance of height. Crown molding provides the illusion of extra length and more space; additionally, the architectural detail often adds value to a home. Show off beautiful wood floors and limit the size of accent rugs that can make tiny spaces seem smaller.


One oversized piece of furniture complements a small room when the rest of the furniture is kept minimal. Consider using a large wardrobe armoire for storage that will help to maintain an uncluttered space. Instead of a queen- or king-size bed, use a full-size bed with an extra-tall tufted headboard for added character. Take advantage of thin, leggy nightstands that work much better in a small room than bulky ones. Narrow, vintage twin beds are a stylish option for a guest room. Place a writing desk with an upholstered accent chair between beds instead of traditional nightstands.

Tips and Ideas

Try not to overwhelm a small room with too many accessories. Instead of hanging a group of small pictures, consider an oversized painting, which looks stunning and less cluttered in a modest room. For cottage charm, replace art with flea-market window frames or shutters. Wall-mounted sconces echo elegant simplicity, while glass lamps produce a light and airy feeling. Layer beds with accent pillows for added interest; fabrics with texture work better in a small room than large bold patterns. Clutter builds up fast in tiny spaces, so assign everything a place and use under-bed storage bins to keep clutter under control.

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