A garland isn't just for Christmas stairway banister decor.

How to Decorate a Stair Banister With Garland

by Kathy Adams

A stair banister offers an ideal and unexpected place to decorate. And though normally considered a holiday decoration, garland need not be used only during the festive season. Whether using natural pine swags, sparkly garlands or handmade felt creations, zip ties or fishing line can be used to secure the decor to the banister on even a steep stairway, keeping it from sliding off on its own.

Piney Pleasures

True pine garland creates a banister embellishment that's pleasing to the senses of both sight and smell, although a faux version can be used if a young one in the family has allergies or is sensitive to fragrance. Wrap the banister over and around the hand railing, candy cane style, for a simple look, or weave the garland in and out between vertical rails. Red bows secured with bits of craft wire play off the red and green holiday colors, or hang plastic Christmas ornaments from the garland with ornament hooks for a festive touch.

Haunted Hallows

Painted black or gray and black, a faux pine garland wrapped around the banister sets the tone for Halloween decor. Strands of fake thorns, chains or plastic barbed wire can be used for similar effect. Stringy fake spider web material enhances the creepy garland. Glow-in-the-dark skulls or tiny skeletons hang from ornament hooks on the garland for added effect. A roll of gauze, shredded in some areas, can also be used to create a mummy-style banister garland. Drops of red food coloring or paint on areas of the gauze add to the creepiness.

Fun and Festive

A garland also serves as decor for a special event, such as wine-tasting dinner party or a child's birthday. Strands of faux grape vines, complete with leaves and grapes, serve as garland for a dinner party or wine-tasting get together. For a child's birthday, wrap a sparkly, colorful garland or two in the child's favorite colors around the banisters, along with crepe paper "happy birthday" banners to set the tone for her special day. String some party favors onto the banner as an added surprise for birthday party guests, tying them on with thin thread.

A Garland For All Seasons

Seasonal garlands can be added to the banisters "just because," without need for a special holiday or party. In the spring, faux ivy or flowering vine garlands give the staircase a fresh in bloom feel. In summer, dress up the the garlands with strands of tiny paper lanterns fitted with fairy lights for a nighttime glow. Autumn's garland may include ivy dressed with faux leaves in festive fall colors, while winter's may mix in pine cones or plastic snowflake ornaments.

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