Hydrangeas dress up an outdoor dinner.

How to Decorate a Table With Hydrangeas

by Jenna Fletcher

Late spring through most of summer, hydrangeas burst with oversized, colorful blooms in pink, white, green, blue and purple. These splashy flowers dress up a table quickly and easily. Since the blooms are so large, just a few flowers make a dazzling impact on a spring or summer tablescape. Hydrangea centerpieces can be casual enough for your child's birthday party or elegant enough for a tea party. Whatever your occasion, these flowers can create the perfect look for your table.

Dress Hydrangeas Up

When you are entertaining a more adult crowd for an elegant spring or summer event, hydrangeas can be dressed up with sleek silver vases. Display small polished silver vases with one or two white blooms and place them on a crisp white table runner down the center of your table. In between each vase, place a small votive candle to add little pools of rich light. If you have a large ornate silver vase, create one very full bouquet of white blooms in that vase. Place the flower-filled vase in the center of your table on a white table runner or charger. Accent the display by putting two small silver candelabras with white taper candles on either side of the bouquet.

Mason Jar Displays

While hydrangeas can create an elegant addition to a spring or summer table, they can also suit a casual gathering like a child's birthday party or an outdoor meal. Instead of using vases to display big bouquets, choose mason jars to display single hydrangea blooms. To keep the affair feeling casual and fun, use a different color bloom in each mason jar. To add a rustic vibe to your hydrangea decor, tie a raffia ribbon around each jar. Display the jars in clusters or use the single jars as place cards by attaching a name card to each raffia ribbon and setting the individual jars at each person's place. Get the kids involved by having them decorate the jars by gluing on seashells, beads or other adornments or having them paint the jars with craft paint.

Beachy Arrangements

Hydrangeas can easily suit any theme of decoration. For a beach party, fill bright colored sand toys with hydrangea blooms. Add sea shells around the sand toys to keep the beach theme going. For a more grown-up look, place one to three hydrangea blooms into a thin clear vase with water. Place that vase inside of a thicker clear vase. Fill that vase halfway up with sand. Finish by placing seashells and sea glass on top of the sand. Woven place mats complement either arrangement. For the first beach arrangement, choosing different brightly colored placemats in tones that complement the hydrangeas and the sand toys keeps the table playful. For the second arrangement, woven placemats in a natural material perpetuates the casual beachy elegance of the arrangement.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Displays

Displaying hydrangeas in cleaned-out metal coffee canisters or wine bottles creates a casual table that still has a special touch. To arrange your hydrangeas in metal coffee cans, cut the stems so they are just longer than the coffee cans. Fill each coffee can with as many hydrangea blooms as they can hold. Either line the coffee cans down the center of your table or create clusters of coffee cans throughout your table. Keep the eco-friendly theme alive by having your kids make recycled construction paper or newspaper placemats. To make arrangements out of the wine bottles, choose wine bottles of different heights and colors. Place a single bloom in each bottle and cluster the bottles in groups of three, making sure each bottle in the cluster is a different height.

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