Counter brown and teal tones with light neutrals for a balanced look.

How to Decorate Using Brown and Teal in the Master Bedroom

by Jennifer Blair

Choosing the right color palette for your bedroom can be tricky -- you want to create a relaxing vibe that has a cozy, intimate feel, too. A brown and teal palette is an ideal solution since brown tones can help warm up the space while cool teal shades provide a calm, soothing look. However, decorating a brown and teal bedroom can be challenging because you don't want to wind up with a space that's too dark or bright. The key is to create a balanced look that still ties the two colors together so the room has a stylish, cohesive look.

Choose Wall Color

Choosing between teal and brown for your bedroom’s wall color usually comes down to the size of the space and the amount of natural light it receives. In a small bedroom, using a light teal shade on the wall is best because it will reflect the light and make the space appear larger. However, if you have a large master bedroom that feels a bit imposing, using a chocolate brown shade on the walls can warm up the room and give it a more intimate feel. If your master bedroom is small, a light brown such as tan or taupe may be a better option for the walls. Whichever color you choose for the main wall shade, though, you may want to incorporate an accent wall in the opposite color to bring the color palette to life. Paint the wall behind the bed in your chosen accent shade to help draw attention to the room’s main feature.

Incorporate Light Neutrals

When you’re decorating your bedroom with colors as rich and bold as teal and chocolate, the space can quickly become dark and dramatic if you don’t balance it with lighter elements. Light neutrals such as white, ivory, cream and even gray can help brighten up your bedroom and make the teal and brown elements pop even more. Just a few small doses of light shades can have a big effect, so consider using white curtains on the windows or mix a few ivory throw pillows in amidst the teal and brown ones. You can also use cream-colored frames to hold artwork or a tan area rug beneath the bed.

Go Patterned

To really tie two colors together in a room’s decorating scheme, using patterned items that incorporate both shades is the best way to go. In a master bedroom, a bedspread that features a seal brown and teal pattern is an ideal option. However, you can also use brown and teal-patterned curtains, throw rugs or pillows, or make your own upholstered headboard and cover it with a sumptuous fabric that features a brown and teal pattern. You can even go patterned on the walls by using wallpaper that features chestnut brown or bronze and teal, or use those colors to fill in wall stencils. You may also want to use some patterned items that feature brown, teal and a light neutral shade such as white to create a sense of balance in the room.

Add Accent

While brown and teal is a classic color combination for a master bedroom, incorporating additional accent shades in the room’s design can give the space a stylish, modern look. Choose shades that create a contrast with the predominantly brown and teal color palette to make those shades stand out. Orange tones are an ideal option since they're opposite blue on the color wheel and create a bold contrast with teal, so rich terra cotta or bold tangerine accessories on throw pillows or a vase can help liven up the room. Another option is buttercup yellow, which pairs well with dark, warm browns such as sepia or coffee. You can incorporate larger pieces in your accent shade such as a throw rug or artwork, but keep the orange or yellow tones limited to one or two elements so brown and teal still take center stage.

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