Wall hooks serve a dual purpose as functional and decorative decor.

How to Decorate With Wall Hooks

by Michelle Radcliff

When you want creative ways to decorate and organize, wall hooks can do both at the same time. You can find hooks to match any decorating style or repurpose household items into unusual, custom wall hooks. Mount wall hooks on other wall decor for a convenient place to store frequently used items or group hooks together in decorative formations to add interest and dimension to your walls.

Wall Hook Styles

Look for wall hooks that complement your decorating style. Wrought-iron wall hooks easily incorporate into many decor styles such as rustic lodge, Western, Victorian, Mediterranean and primitive cottage themes. Sleek, stainless steel or nickel-plated wall hooks blend nicely with modern home decor. Hooks made from wood look right at home in most traditional styles and particularly in Craftsman-style homes. Wall hooks may come as individual pieces or mounted on long wood or metal strips, rectangular plaques, on accordion-style frames or attached to wall shelves. Themed wall hooks make excellent decorative wall decor and feature motifs from animals to insects, flowers and plant life, dripping paint, block letters and even painted deer antlers.

Display Ideas

Wall hooks make excellent decorating tools for three-dimensional wall displays. Hooks can display jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets organized by color, material and size. A wall full of randomly placed hooks creates the perfect backdrop for a quirky hat display. Other personal accessories hooks can turn into wall decor include scarves, belts and purses. Attach decorative ribbon to vintage photograph frames and hang the frames from wall hooks. Make custom walls sconces from large wall hooks and enclosed candle lanterns. Hang small baskets filled with dried or silk flowers for a touch of country.

DIY Wall Hooks

Add character to your walls with repurposed items fashioned into wall hooks. A coat of bright paint puts a modern spin on an old rake head mounted as a stemware holder in the kitchen. Vintage knobs and cabinet or drawer pulls make interesting wall hooks. Mount old faucet handles under a wall shelf as hooks. A decorative towel rack makes a nice jewelry wall display when necklaces and bracelets are hung from curtain rings attached to the bar. Fashion vintage utensils such as forks and spoons into hooks and mount them on a wooden plaque by bending the handles upward. Mount wood clothespins on a board or under a shelf to hold pictures or postcards. The back end of women’s high heels make interesting wall hooks.

Wall Hook Grouings

A grouping of wall hooks provides convenient organization of frequently used items. In an entryway or mudroom, use a grouping of wall hooks to organize hats, coats, scarves, keys and umbrellas. A pegboard painted the same color or in a contrasting hue or shade of the wall color in a sewing or craft room, inserted with various hooks, gives handy storage and quick access to supplies such as thread, scissors, ribbon and yarn. A grouping of animal-head hooks, such as African big game, makes an interesting display in a den, home office or guest room. Whether you group wall hooks for organization or decoration, they serve as both useful and aesthetically pleasing decor for walls.

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