Play with a plethora of fabrics and designs for wall art.

How to Decorate a Wall Using Fabric-Covered Styrofoam

by Renee Miller

A versatile, lightweight medium, Styrofoam lends itself to a wide variety of home-decor projects. Add splashes of color to apartment walls in lieu of painting, or turn fabric-covered Styrofoam into a makeshift headboard. Use a single sheet of Styrofoam for understated appeal, or several to create an aesthetically pleasing collage. Using 1 1/2-inch small-head nails allows you to easily display wall art by firmly pressing the pieces over each nail.

Family Monogram

Create a monogram display using three sheets of 2-feet-by-4-feet Styrofoam. Cut toile fabric so it overlaps each sheet by 2 inches and adhere it to the back with craft glue or a decoupage mixture. Steer clear of using hot glue directly on foam to prevent melting. Monogram one initial onto the center of each piece of fabric with peel-and-stick vinyl letters. Hot glue lightweight 11-inch-by-14-inch picture frames onto each board, framing each vinyl letter. Hang your artwork side by side on a wall, spacing each piece 3 inches apart.

Color Collage

Cut Styrofoam sheets into squares of all sizes. Glue scrapbook paper in a wide variety of solid yellow and solid gray hues to several of the squares. Cover other pieces in printed scrapbook paper using the same color scheme. On a large flat surface, arrange the squares in the collage pattern you want to display on your wall. Overlap some of the pieces, playing with the arrangement until you are satisfied with the appearance. Glue together the overlapping pieces before hanging the artwork on nails arranged on an accent wall.

Monochromatic Appeal

Cover a single Styrofoam sheet in gray fabric with craft glue. Purchase wood letters and paint them to match the fabric. Arrange the letters to spell out a favorite quote or mantra. Hot glue the letters to the fabric, allowing plenty of time for them to dry before hanging them.

Through the Woods

Spray paint three 2-feet-by-4-feet sheets of Styrofoam in blue stone paint. Allow the paint to dry for at least three hours. Lay the sheets on a flat surface and lightly cover the bottom 1/3 of the Styrofoam in a decoupage mixture. Press purchased moss onto the glue. Lay two 4-feet-tall branches on each piece of foam. Wire the branches to the sheets by pushing heavy-gauge floral wire into the Styrofoam on each side of the branches and twisting it tightly in the back. Hang the collage of trees above your sofa or use it in place of a traditional headboard.

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