Cut a couple of yards of light- to medium-weight fabric in half lengthwise and sew it end to end as a window scarf.

How to Decorate Windows With Scarf Curtains

by Lorna Hordos

Like neck scarves used to dress up an outfit, scarf curtains have many styling variations. You can drape such window accessories for a neat, even look, or create casualness with less “perfect” swoops. They aren’t an actual window treatment with a function, so be as creative or reserved with your design as you like.

Classically Elegant

For an elegant abode, an evenly draped window scarf fits right in. Locate the scarf’s midpoint by folding it in half. Drape the scarf evenly over the rod's center point. Then wrap the scarf loosely around the rod, working toward each end; pull at the draping until you have an even look. Let the ends cascade toward the floor. Tie a classic rosette at the rod's midpoint for traditional style, or knot the ends for an edgier look.

Carefree Swoops

When your home has a carefree vibe, let your scarf hang casually. Drape only about one-third of the scarf over the rod’s midpoint. Wrap the scarf loosely over the rod, but allow slight differences in the draping. The uneven ends that hang toward the floor emphasize your relaxed sense of style.

Don’t Move a Tassel

To place your scarf curtain as though hung by a designer, consider a few designer tricks to keep it from moving. For a wooden rod, use staples to secure perfect -- or imperfect -- folds or swoops. With a metal rod, look to hot glue, durable double-sided carpet tape, a few stitches with a needle and thread, or tassels to hold the fabric in place. Avoid simply pinning the fabric where you want it; any straight pins that fall to the floor become a hazard, especially to an infant or toddler who puts everything in his mouth. Rather than on a rod, secure your fabric inside a cornice box, thread it through sconces, or drape it over decorative brackets. It's just for looks; therefore, you won't have to open, close or fuss with it, so go ahead and fix it semipermanently or permanently into place.

Up, Up and Away

One way to keep small, curious hands off a window scarf is simply to keep it up and out of reach. No matter which way you choose to hang the scarf or how secure it seems, ensure that neither end hangs low enough for a young child to pull at it. Loose fabric, such as bedding and curtains, is a suffocation hazard, and the hardware holding a scarf could cause injury if it comes crashing down. The best window treatment designs for a home with children are those with safety at the forefront.

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