A windowsill is an overlooked space that you can decorate.

How to Decorate a Windowsill

by Kathy Adams

A windowsill is one of those easy-to-overlook areas when you are styling or decorating your home. Look at your windowsill in another way, however, and that otherwise-forgotten space functions as a small shelf, suitable for displaying narrow items. Or, swap out specialty decor from season to season on your ready-made shelving unit.


Windowsills and decorative bottles go hand in hand; glass seems to illuminates when light shines through it, especially if the glass is colorful, such as a cobalt blue or jade green antique bottle. Display an antique bottle collection on a windowsill out of reach of children, such as a window behind a kitchen sink, to add a cheery glow to the room. Removable poster tape helps keep bottles in place, if you're concerned about them falling. Colorful spring water or imported cooking oil bottles also serve as windowsill decor -- add water and a fresh-cut flower to an empty bottle, or display stoppered bottles of oils and herbs used for cooking.

Natural Finds

If you or someone in the home collects items found on nature walks, such as seashells, driftwood, acorns and seed pods, the windowsill offers an attractive place to store and display these materials, keeping them out of harm's way. Arrange shells or smoothed rocks in a visually pleasing manner, placing a prized piece in the center as a focal point. A shallow glass bowl holds small bits of colorful seaglass or tiny shells that seem a bit too small to display individually.


Antique items that don't seem to belong anywhere else may have a perfect new home on the windowsill. A small antique cheese box, for instance, fits nicely atop the sill while providing space to hold a small vase or kitchen utensils positioned upright, also for display. Antique cast-iron toys also fit well on a windowsill, suitable for a collector's or child's room.

Seasonal Decor

Over the years, holiday or seasonal decor pieces tend to accumulate. Display some of those smaller pieces, such as windowsill candelabras or a winter sleigh, atop the sill for a winter theme. Small gourds, Indian corn or miniature pumpkins serve as autumn decor. Use any small found objects or toys reflective of the current season or holiday to decorate windowsills, including child-sized sand shovels or gardening tools. Fill small jars with seasonal candies or natural elements for added fun atop the windowsill.

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