Collect vintage notions to make a themed wreath.

How to Decorate a Wreath With Sewing Notions

by Fern Fischer

Designate your sewing space by hanging a decorative wreath that features repurposed sewing notions. Sort through your stash of leftover and little-used notions for inspiration, or buy a mishmash boxful at a flea market or yard sale for an instant collection of items. Personalize your wreath by including items specific to your favorite type of sewing, whether it’s making garments, quilting or sewing for children.

Wreath Base Ideas

A number of base materials are appropriate for a sewing-notion wreath. One quick and easy method is to wrap a rigid foam core with quilt batting or polyester fluff, then wrap it with fabric strips, securing the fabric with stitches, pins or glue as necessary. You can make another simple wreath in a range of sizes by enclosing a ruffle between the sections of a quilting hoop or embroidery hoop. Press the ruffle using spray starch to stiffen the fabric, then place the ruffle so it extends outside the hoop. Tighten the hoop to secure the base of the ruffle. Even very young children can help make a wreath base from spools of thread. Open a wire coat hanger by untwisting it at the top with pliers and reshape the wire into a circle. Thread spools onto the wire; use spools of brightly colored thread, or create a wreath of vintage wooden spools. Twist the wire and bend the hook to use it as a hanger for your wreath. After you’ve prepared a base, begin attaching the notions.


You may wish to select notions that create a theme. For example, choose wooden spools, old bobbins, a darning egg, bodkin, small stork scissors, antique ribbons or buttons for a vintage sewing theme. Raid a button box to make a button wreath, randomly sewing or gluing buttons to cover a fabric-wrapped wreath base. Use pins with large, colored heads to add points of color among other notions, but insert them through a drop of hot glue to keep them in place. Wreath-draping and bow-making aren’t limited to ribbons. Find an assortment of ribbon-like items such as measuring tapes, colorful zippers, laces, trims or strips of fabric to help tie together your collection of sewing supplies.

Attachment Methods

With assorted types of notions, you may need to use several methods to affix them to the wreath. A hot glue gun creates a secure bond between a number of materials. On a fabric-covered base, a few stitches with a needle and thread may be all you need to attach decorative buttons or trim. Apply pieces of ribbon around the wreath: Sew a stitch in the center of each ribbon piece to secure it, then use the ribbon ends to tie notions in place. Safety pins of all sizes make versatile fasteners, and shiny brass or nickel pins add a touch of glimmer.

Easy Mini Wreath

Cover a 6-inch foam wreath base by winding fabric strips or wide ribbon around it, and attach a ribbon for hanging. Add touches of color by securing the tiny spools of thread from pocket-sized sewing kits to the wreath base with hot glue. Glue on thimbles, miniature pin cushions, small buttons and tiny snipping scissors from the sewing kits to complete the theme.

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