Snap photos of your tot and his puppy to decorate the walls of his bedroom.

Decorating a Boy's Bedroom With Puppy Dogs

by Mary Cockrill

Frolicking puppy dogs and rambunctious little boys are naturally drawn to each other -- they both enjoy life and are full of boundless energy. If your little guy is enthralled with puppy dogs, why not surround him with his furry passion by decorating his bedroom with puppy-inspired furnishings? Set a decorating budget, put on your creative hat and adorn your wee man's bedroom with playful puppy decor.


Cover your child's bedroom walls with a pale paint hue -- creamy ivory, almost beige, soft gray, light blue, subtle green -- to provide a neutral blank canvas for puppy-inspired decor. Paints with a satin finish make it easy to wipe off smudges and fingerprints from blemished walls. Jazz up the space by creating an accent wall dotted with budget-friendly, puppy-inspired decals (such as paw prints), realistic puppy images, or leash and collar motifs. Many decals cling to a wall without the use of messy adhesives, and they don't damage the walls when you remove them. An alternative to wall decals is to fashion an accent wall covered with puppy-designed wallpaper that's sprinkled with cartoon-like puppy pictures, images of a single puppy breed or an assortment of playful, frisky puppies.


Spread your tike's love of puppy dogs to his bedroom windows by hanging curtains that are fashioned from puppy-related prints -- petite dog dishes, paw print or bone motifs, small puppy dog caricatures or realistic puppy pictures. Swag the curtains to each side of the window frame, and secure them to the wall with whimsical puppy dog tiebacks. For privacy and light control when the curtains are pulled back, install wood blinds or natural bamboo shades.


Add puppy appeal to your little man's existing bed by wrapping his headboard in polyester batting covered with a fabric displaying a doggy pattern. As he grows up and his interests change, you can simply remove the puppy fabric and replace it with another fabric that complements his new decor. Revamp current wooden furniture pieces by applying a semigloss furniture paint in black. The black color adds neutrality to the puppy decor and makes it easy to touch up small blemishes with a black permanent marker. The semigloss finish offers a shiny touch and is simple to wipe clean. If you need furniture for the room, select simple black-painted wooden pieces -- a chest of drawers, dresser, small bookshelf and nightstand.


Go wild -- but not overboard -- with puppy-themed accessories for your youngster's bedroom. Choose a hue from your tyke's bedroom wallpaper, curtains or fabric headboard to select an easy-care comforter in a complementary solid color for his bed. The solid color provides a no-nonsense background to show off puppy pattern toss pillows, plush puppy toys and a folded-back top sheet displaying a cute doggy pattern. Hang an arrangement of your favorite black-and-white photos featuring your tot and his puppy -- real or plush -- on a bare wall. Add a cozy area rug with a perky puppy design over hard-surface floors. Perch a small table lamp atop your son's nightstand and stencil small paw prints on the lampshade to enhance the puppy decor.

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