Add candles and roll up towels to make your bathroom a peaceful retreat.

What Decorating Ideas Make a Bathroom Feel Like a Retreat?

by Lisa Monroe

The bathroom is the one part of every home that is completely private, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of noisy kids and hard work. You can turn any bathroom into a tranquil retreat with careful selection of color, decor and fixtures. Give your bathroom a spa-like feel to provide you with more than a space to wash your hair and brush your teeth. Create an area where you can relax and enjoy that much needed "me" time. A few simple steps, such as organizing the space and adding a few candles could be all it requires to make your bathroom feel like a retreat.

Remove Clutter and Organize

You will never create a relaxing environment if your bathroom is filled with clutter. Remove anything that does not have a functional purpose. Less clutter has an instant calming effect. Dedicate certain areas of your bathroom to different products. Keep your makeup and bath products in separate storage containers or on separate shelving. Roll up your towels and secure them with a ribbon. Stand them up inside a basket next to the bath. Keep towels the same color to add a sense of continuity. Create a sleek, clean effect by removing all of the labels on your bath products, and line them up in order according to their shapes and sizes.

Calming Colors

Neutral colors have a restful and calming effect when used on the walls of a bathroom. Earthy colors brown and tan offer a sense of nature, while whites appear spa-clean and fresh. To create a serene environment, use varying shades of light blue. Light greens provide harmony and balance. Regardless of the colors you choose, do not stray too far from the light tones. Too many colors have an opposite effect. Avoid decorating a bathroom with bright red or orange as these are intense and stimulating colors, not the best choices for relaxation.

Bring Nature Inside

Replicate nature by decorating with stone, wood or seashells. If you want to use wood flooring, remember that hardwoods expand and contract when the temperature varies. Laminate flooring is a much safer option, especially if your kids enjoy splashing in the bath. Install light tan wood paneling on your cabinets if you want to create a sauna look. For a simpler approach, bring in a few plants. They not only give the space more texture, but also make the air healthier. Use plants such as palms or ferns that prefer the humid environment found in a bathroom.

Use Soft Lighting

Soft lighting helps you relax and unwind. Bring in as much natural lighting as possible. Remove ornaments from windowsills that cast shadows. If possible, install skylights. Halogen bulbs -- in addition to providing a softer light -- have a wider color spectrum than other bulbs, which encourages the natural color of your interior to stand out. No retreat would be complete without good-smelling bath salts or softly scented candles. Do not overdo it; remember that less is more. A couple of light-colored, scented candles are an essential addition to any retreat-themed bathroom.

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