Clean lines and a muted color palette create a spa bedroom.

Decorating a Spa-Like Bedroom

by Jenna Fletcher

A serene, spa-like bedroom serves as a retreat from the rest of the hectic world and promotes relaxation, a good night's sleep, and a better sense of well-being. You can achieve a personal bedroom oasis inspired by the zen atmosphere of a spa by using a natural color palette, removing clutter, and creating clean lines. Lighting and lush linens finish the job and turn your bedroom into a place of pampering and relaxation.

Remove the Clutter

Nothing kills a tranquil atmosphere like piles of junk spilling out of your closet or sitting on top of the bureau. Before you can create your relaxing retreat, clean up the junk. Clean out your closet and organize it so everything has its own space and you aren't holding on to items you don't use. After you clean out your closets and bureaus, remove extraneous items from your room. Decluttering your bedroom includes visual decluttering as well. Remove any item that makes your space look busy. Move the knick-knacks off of your bureau and get rid of your bedroom TV. If the thought of being without a television in your bedroom is unbearable, consider hiding it in a piece of furniture such as an armoire or installing a drop-down TV.

Create Clean Lines

With the clutter gone, look for ways to add and emphasize clean lines. Stick to simple furniture that is free of intricate carvings and curves. Instead, choose sleek, elegant pieces. Echo the hard lines of your furniture in any art on the wall, mirrors or picture frames. With all of the large elements in your bedroom done in hard lines, you can bring softness back to the space through curtains, throw pillows and lighting.

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

When decorating a spa-like bedroom, keep your color palette soft and soothing. In most spas, you will find white, pale sages and blues, and a range of beiges. Choose one of the neutral colors for your walls and your bedding and remove any bright colors that may already be in your bedroom. Place accents of the other colors throughout your room with decorative throw pillows and candles.

Soft Lighting

Spa-like spaces when lit are bright but softly lit. There is no harsh sunlight or overhead lighting; rather, the light is all muted. To control the lighting, add translucent curtains and blinds made from a natural material such as bamboo. For electric lighting, add small touches of light by your bed and throughout the rest of the room. Consider hooking your lighting up to a dimmer so you can soften the room's lighting to your liking.

Luxurious Linens

Pamper yourself in your bedroom retreat by choosing high-quality bedding. Consider sheets made from a higher thread count for ultimate quality. Take into account the material from which your bedding is made. Egyptian cotton and bamboo are soft and sumptuous. Also, check the ply of your sheets. A single ply sheet will be softer and more delicate, while a two-ply sheet will be more durable but not as soft.

Spa-like Accents

Finish your bedroom retreat by adding spa-like accents to your space. A few white or cream-colored candles placed on your night table or shelves in your bedroom lend a zen-like feel. Bring a little nature into your bedroom and consider displaying a plant, a vase full of bamboo, or another natural element such as a large piece of driftwood as a serene focal point to your space. Be careful not to overdo it with accessories. A little bit will go a long way.

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