Bulletin boards are great for wall decor.

Decorative Bulletin Boards for a Kid's Room

by Eliza Martinez

A bulletin board is a great accessory for your young child's room. You can put her favorite masterpieces, photos of family, and pictures cut from magazines on display for her enjoyment and yours. Bulletin boards are fun to make and easily customizable -- but like many things, they could hurt your child if you're not careful with them. Have fun making a board, but keep it safe or it won't be so fun anymore.


A corkboard with a simple wooden frame is your best bet. It won't be too heavy to hang safely on the wall, but it's durable enough for rough treatment from a young child. Corkboards are inexpensive, too, which is great news for thrifty moms who enjoy decorating without breaking the bank. Corkboard tiles are another fun way to make a bulletin board, and you can hang several together to make more display space.


Decorating a bulletin board gives you and your toddler or preschooler free reign to make it her own. Paint the frame her favorite color and use a coordinating fabric to wrap the cork board. Hot-glue or staple the fabric to the back of the board to hold it in place and replace the frame. If your child loves pink and princesses, paint the frame pink, cover the board in princess flannel, and add some sparkly pink pushpins for hanging things. Use orange paint, basketball fabric, and sports-themed pushpins for your sports-loving son. Change up the decor on the bulletin board whenever your child's likes change.


Bulletin boards are fun, but you don't want your child to get hurt while enjoying hers. Pushpins are a choking hazard for toddlers, many of whom still put things into their mouths. Keep the pins out of reach, and always help your child press them into the board. This also helps prevent pokes that could have your toddler screaming. If you add ribbon or string to your board, make sure it isn't too long to eliminate the risk of choking. Check the board often for missing pieces and throw it away if it gets broken.

Hanging the Board

It might seem like a no-brainer, but hanging the bulletin board properly keeps it safe and fun. Use sturdy nails or screws that won't bend down when your preschooler overloads the board with her artwork. This keeps the board from falling off the wall. Don't hang the board above your child's crib or bed. If it falls, it could hit her in the head, and if it breaks, you'll probably have a meltdown on your hands. Instead, hang the bulletin board over a dresser or toy box.

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