Design a study space in a bare corner.

How to Design Corner Space in Homes

by Mary Cockrill

Don't neglect your home's unused corner spaces -- make them go to work for you. Develop a plausible design for a bare corner that amplifies your home's aesthetic appeal or creates additional functionality. Consider the available space in a corner and how the area can best accommodate your family's needs. Establish a budget for your corner design to narrow your decorating options.

Put Corners to Work

Maximize the unused corner space in your home by creating an innovative design to meet your predetermined household needs. Whether you're yearning for a separate study spot, additional storage space or a quiet sitting area, you can develop a corner space to oblige your desires. Center a small accent table flanked by a pair of comfortable armchairs in a bare corner to deliver a cozy reading nook. An L-shaped desk fits snugly into an empty corner to create an instant home office or study space. Install a built-in banquette into a vacant kitchen corner to capitalize on seating, or build a custom corner cabinet to provide extra storage space for books, linens or other household items.

Brighten Corners

Dark corners can convey a depressing atmosphere and make your room look smaller than it is. Situate a decorative floor lamp in an unoccupied corner to fill the space with brilliant illumination. Select a shiny silver lamp to offer extra sparkle with modern appeal. Supply a corner reading spot with adjustable task lighting by positioning a pharmaceutical floor lamp next to comfy armchairs or benches. Suspend an attractive pendant light over a corner table to highlight a decorative vase or special art object. Cast dramatic shadows on the ceiling above a corner when you set a small can light on the floor next to a potted palm, directing the light upward through the palm, resulting in magnificent "palm shadows" on the ceiling.

Decorate Corners

A corner supplies a terrific space for showing off a new floor vase, potted tree or other decorative accent. Fill a large floor vase with bamboo sticks to inject an eco-friendly vibe into your room. Consider a corner's conditions, such as sun exposure and humidity, to select an appropriate natural tree or plant, and pot it in an impressive container, such as a colorful ceramic vessel, rustic tin pot or earthy woven basket. Hang a splendid work of art on a corner wall to command your undivided attention. Top a colorful painting with a picture light to awaken the vivid colors and energetic charm. Position an exquisite folding screen in front of an empty corner for instant decorating gratification.

Other Corner Ideas

Attach a small mesh hammock to the upper corner of your child's bedroom to keep stuffed toys organized and out of the way. Suspend a modern swinging chair in the corner of a teen's room for an unusual seat with a hip look. Use the corner walls as a blank canvas for painting a one-of-a-kind mural. Install a flat-screen television diagonally in the upper portion of a corner to save valuable floor space while delivering on-the-spot entertainment. Add a corner shelf below the television as storage space for other electronic equipment.

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