Present your party crowd with treats as creative as your little cowboy.

Desserts for a Children's Cowboy Themed Party

by Rosenya Faith

Your little cowboy has been looking forward to this day for a whole year -- since the moment his last party ended -- and you can make it extra special with some cowboy-themed desserts that will make even the toughest cowboy in the Wild West smile. Round up your little guy and let him help out with the baking so he can beam with pride as you hand out the desserts.


Bring a little good luck to your kiddo's cowboy-themed party with some homemade horseshoes, made from your favorite doughnut recipe. You can fry the doughnuts or bake them and then coat each one with your favorite frosting, sprinkles or other tasty topping. Once the doughnuts have cooled, cut away a section of each one to turn the doughnut circles into horseshoe shapes and arrange them on a dessert tray for all your lucky little guests. The best part about these treats -- if you don't have time to make the doughnuts from scratch, you can always pick up a batch from the bakery or grocery store ahead of time. Cut off a quarter of each doughnut and get them onto your dessert trays in less than five minutes flat!

Bales of Hay

Your young guests may have seen bales of hay before, but they've never seen hay bales like these. Made from your favorite fudge recipe, you can stack these on a straw-covered dessert tray for an even more authentic-looking hay bale dessert. Prepare your fudge -- light-colored fudge works best -- and pour it into a rectangular dish to cool. Before you cool the fudge in the fridge, sprinkle some coconut over the slab and then cool it completely. Now, just cut it into kid-size squares and make striations along each side of every one with a toothpick to give the hay bales a rugged, realistic look.


Every good cowboy needs a horse, so make one for each of your little guys from a package of store-bought sugar cookie dough. Pick up a horse-shaped cookie cutter, roll out the dough and cut out the horse shapes. Bake and decorate any way you like, and your dessert is ready to go. If you're looking for a way to keep your kiddo's guests entertained throughout the party, turn their horses into a party activity. Make the cookie horses ahead of the party and lay out bowls of icing, sprinkles and other tasty toppings so your little cowboys can decorate their trusty steeds.

Cowboy Hats & Boots

No cowboy party would be complete without cowboy hats, and these hats are the tastiest you'll ever see! While you're at it, complete the edible cowboy ensemble with some edible cowboy boots too. These treats are made from milk chocolate candy melts -- though you can use any color or flavor candy melts you like to add your own creative flair -- and simple enough to make you'll have them finished in a flash. Once the candy melts are melted in the microwave, simply pour the candy into cowboy hat- and boot-shaped candy molds and tap to remove the air bubbles. An hour in the fridge and these candies are ready to go. Just turn the mold upside down over wax paper to release the treats.


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