Kids usually go up in clothing size every year.

How to Determine a Kid's Clothing Size for Next Year

by Amy Sutton

As all of us moms know, it can very expensive buying your kids clothes. It doesn't help when your toddlers and preschoolers are growing like weeds! One way you can save money is by planning ahead and buying out of season clothes now when they are marked down for a quick sale. To do this you will need to try to determine how much you think your kids will grow to decide what size to buy for the next year.

Figure on your toddler or preschooler growing about 2 1/2 inches per year. While babies grow an average of 10 inches in their first year, a toddler or preschoolers growth will slow considerably after that.

Plan for your little one to go up one clothing size in a year on average. Children don't grow at a steady rate and often go through growth spurts. So, if your toddler wears a size 2T now, he will likely wear a 3T this time next year.

Purchase the next size up in clothing for your children to wear a year from now. You could even go up two sizes in some items. Many times pants have an adjustable waist so the waist size can be changed and if the length is to long they can be rolled up. The same goes for some shirts and jackets. If the sleeves are just a bit to long, they can be rolled up. This will give your child more time to wear the clothing before he outgrows it, giving you more bang for your buck.

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