Using a fertilizer spreader correctly gives you a green, healthy lawn.

Directions for Scotts Edgeguard Mini Fertilizer Spreader

by Mary Lougee

Scotts brand EdgeGuard mini fertilizer spreader is a broadcast spreader for the application of lawn products. Lawn products flow from the hopper through holes and strike a rotary impeller below to toss the granules in paths that are wider than the wheels. Broadcast spreaders save time compared to using a drop spreader, which only applies products between the wheels for smaller paths. The EdgeGuard feature, which activates with a lever, is on the exterior back of the spreader and blocks lawn chemicals from hard surfaces and waterways.

Setting the Spreader

Place the spreader on a flat surface, such as a driveway or sidewalk. Pour your fertilizer into the spreader hopper. Read the directions on the bag of the product you are applying to your lawn for the correct application rate. Turn the orange dial on the rear of the spreader to the setting the fertilizer label recommends for broadcast spreaders.

Use around the Perimeter

Slide the EdgeGuard lever on the rear of the spreader to the "On" position. Push the spreader to the perimeter of your lawn that is surrounded by hard surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks or curbs. Position the spreader so that the right wheel is on the grass at the perimeter. Squeeze the on and off trigger in front of the handle and start walking while pushing the spreader. Apply the lawn product around all solid surfaces. Circle around flowerbeds and landscaping with the right wheel next to areas where you do not want lawn product applied.

Use in Lawn Center

After you apply your product to the perimeter, release the trigger and slide the EdgeGuard Control to the "Off" position. Observe the wheel tracks from the perimeter spreading of product. Move the spreader so the right wheel is 5 feet on the inside of the lawn from the previous wheel tracks. Squeeze the trigger and push the spreader to the opposite side of the lawn. Release the trigger and turn the spreader 180 degrees. Squeeze the trigger and make another pass with the left wheel 5 feet inward to the center of the lawn from the previous wheel tracks. Continue making paths back and forth in this manner until you have covered the entire lawn with product.

Spreader Cleanup Instructions

Sweep any stray particles of lawn products onto the lawn to keep them from washing into storm drains. Scoop out all the remaining product in the spreader hopper, return it to the original bag and seal it tightly. Store your unused product in a dry area such as a garage or garden shed. Rinse the spreader out with water from a garden hose and allow it to dry completely before storing the spreader indoors. Excess moisture can cause the spreader to clog under the agitator, creating inconsistencies in application amounts.

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