Staying home with children requires energy, strength and flexibility.

The Disadvantages of Staying Home With Children

by Victoria Thompson

Being home all day with your children may seem like the perfect job. It is a job and a difficult one. With the many advantages of raising your child, come disadvantages. It is up to the parents to weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking on the task and making sure the necessary support is available.

Lack of Adult Communication

Talking about baby dolls and toy cars isn't very stimulating. If this is the content of your daily conversations, you probably crave another adult to converse with. Sometimes a stay-at-home parent may go days without coming into contact with an adult, other than a spouse, who could be too tired to talk after work. Taking the kids for weekly play dates is a treat for both child and parent alike. This time gives you a chance to talk about interesting subjects and help avoid "burn-out", according to Smart

Decrease of Income

Remember the days when you could just splurge on a whim? Being at home means learning to live on one salary and sticking to a budget in most instances. Giving up your financial independence will make you feel like a dependent again and unequal in the relationship. The issue of money and feeling inferior could create conflicts in the relationship.

Declining Job Skills

The longer you're off the job market, the more your skills decline. Technology is a major component of most companies and updates regularly. Returning to work could be difficult, especially if your skills are not current and compatible with other applicants. This could mean returning to school or taking online classes to meet the increasing demands of your new job.

More Housework Responsibilities

Chores never end. Your spouse may feel that since you're home, you're in charge of all the housework. Unless you divide the labor, you will end up doing most of the work. Cleaning, caring for your child, cooking and grocery shopping are only the "tip of the ice-berg" of your daily schedule. You may feel like you're "juggling so many balls," that no task is getting done well or meeting your approval.

Lack of Help During Illness

Because you're home, you cannot call into work requesting a sick day when you're too weak to raise your head from the pillow. You still have to muster your energy to care for your little one, since you can't send her to daycare. If you're lucky, your spouse or a family member can take time out of their schedule to care for you, but that's not realistic in a busy world. Recuperation could be difficult without proper rest.

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