Moms and sons share a special relationship, but discipline is important.

How to Discipline Your Boy

by Eliza Martinez

Discipline is a challenge for many parents and moms of boys can be particularly overwhelmed when it comes sons. Using appropriate forms of discipline can help you stop unwanted behaviors and promote the ones you want to see. Some methods are more effective than others and can get your son to behave in most situations. That doesn't mean he'll never slip up, but good discipline gets you both back on track quickly.

Be consistent. If your son gets a consequence for breaking the rules only some of the time, he gets the message that his behavior is acceptable if you're busy or in a certain mood. Hand out the same consequence each time and he'll learn quickly what's acceptable and what's not. For example, throwing food means you remove your toddler son's plate and texting after bedtime results in the loss of cell phone privileges for your teen son.

Use age-appropriate discipline. Time-outs are effective for a two-year-old boy, but aren't going to have much effect on a thirteen-year-old boy. This means your discipline methods will change as your son gets older, so you can't stick with the same old thing for life. Time-outs and redirection work well for toddlers and preschoolers and removal of privileges are effective for grade school and teen boys.

Stay calm. No matter the infraction, freaking out can scare your child or make him tune you out. Try not scream and lecture, but firmly tell your son what he did and why you're upset about it. Then calmly reiterate the consequence and move on. For example, if your toddler spills his juice, have him help you clean it up instead of shouting and stomping around. If your older son gets caught watching television after hours, revoke his privileges for the next day but avoid fighting with him about it.

Match the discipline to the crime with natural consequences. If your child throws his food at dinner, have him clean it up. If he walks through the house with muddy shoes after you asked him to take them off, he can mop up the mess. If your child forgets his homework or soccer cleats, he has to take the lower grade or sit out at practice.

Never use violence when disciplining your son. Spanking is a controversial subject, but it can teach your son that it's appropriate to solve problems with hitting, it can hurt your son and it can make your child afraid of you and more prone to hiding things so he doesn't get in trouble, according to Kids Health. Hitting, slapping and punching your son is the same and aren't effective methods of discipline.

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