A stacking washer-and-dryer unit is easy to hide behind a door.

How to Disguise the Laundry Area

by Amanda Bell

The average laundry area is rarely visually appealing. At its best, your laundry room is organized and efficient, but at its worst, the area is a constant reminder that you have household tasks at hand. Disguise your laundry area so that it blends in with the rest of your home, whether you wash your clothes in a separate room or the space is visible from the main living rooms. Not seeing your piled-up dirty clothes all the time makes your laundry time more efficient and your downtime more relaxing.

Hiding the Washer and Dryer

As the starring appliances, your washing machine and dryer are arguably the most noticeable and unsightly part of the laundry area; hiding them helps make the space blend in with the rest of your home. Conceal front-loading units inside cabinets. Place them underneath a counter and hang a decorative curtain in front. Stack a washer and dryer in a nook and install a door in front, or tuck them away in a closet; to save floor space, use a pocket door. If you have top-loading appliances, install a curtain rod with ceiling brackets in front of the units to hide them; when you’re ready to do laundry, simply pull the curtain to the side.

Keeping Supplies Tucked Away

Install cabinetry with lots of doors and drawers to conceal detergent, dryer sheets and the like. Or, install shelving above the washer and dryer or nearby, and outfit them with decorative baskets and bins. Group items by usage inside the baskets to make laundering easier; place pre-stain treatments and scrub brushes in one basket and detergent, bleach and fabric softener in another. Rather than labeling the bins, which will call attention to your laundry area, simply keep them in the order that you use them.

Folding and Ironing

Utilize wall space to incorporate folding and ironing areas into the laundry room without setting up an actual ironing board or table in the middle of the floor. Over the back of a nearby door, install an ironing board, hiding it from view. For folding clothes, a wall-mounted shelf that collapses into the wall provides space when needed, yet remains inconspicuous when not in use. A kitchen island in the center of the floor blends with rooms or areas off the kitchen, and if you keep the top clear, no one can tell it’s used for clothes. Or, install a counter over a front-loading washer and dryer for folding clothes and hiding the tops of the machines.

Laundry Basket Ideas

Nothing gives away a laundry area like a mountain of soiled clothes in a white plastic hamper. Invest in a multi-compartment wicker or decorative fabric hamper large enough that even when full, the lid closes tightly and keeps clothing hidden. If you have cabinet space, keep hampers inside the cabinets, or install a pullout hamper similar to an under-cabinet trash bin.

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