Frames or jewel cases house flat collectibles such as guitar picks.

How to Display Concert Memorabilia

by Kathy Adams

If you enjoy attending live music performances put on by your favorite bands, concert memorabilia serves as way to fondly recall those memorable events. Collecting and displaying memorabilia is also an enjoyable way of showing your appreciation for bands you haven't had a chance to see in concert. In either case, displaying your finds keeps those memories fresh and allows them to serve as decor. Some options also preserve your goods to help prevent fading or damage while they're on display.

Tables, Desks and Dressers

Display your flat memorabilia such as ticket stubs, autographs, flyers or a collection of guitar picks on a table, desk or dresser underneath a glass top. The removable glass allows you to rearrange, swap out or add to your collection at any time without altering or damaging the surface or the items. Create a collage or decoupage on an old table or dresser by photocopying your favorite flyers, autographs and ticket stubs, then pasting them onto the furniture with decoupage medium or watered-down school glue. Add images or articles about your favorite band from your favorite magazines to fill the blank areas.

Shadow Boxes

Display non-flat items or a complete assortment of concert gear in shadow boxes. Arrange drumsticks in a sunburst or flower pattern, for instance, or place several items from the same show, such as a tambourine, ticket stub and guitar pick, in the same box, along with a logo or flyer featuring the band and tour name. Add legs to the back of a sturdy glass-fronted shadow box to create a shadow box table; rearrange or replace items as desired. Create a backdrop for a shadow box by photocopying an album cover or concert photo large enough to fill the back of the box, then arrange the memorabilia in front of the artwork.


Standard photo frames can hold everything from ticket stubs to T-shirts, if there is ample room between the backing board and the glass in the frame. Frame a series of small posters or photos in alternating black-and-white frames to stylize the look a bit. Frame a large, prized poster and display it in a highly visible area, such as on a stair landing wall or on the wall space above a couch. Embellish thrift store frames with strips cut from old album covers or sleeves, also from a thrift store, for a complete music theme framing your concert collectibles.

Alternate Displays

Use empty CD or DVD jewel cases to house small individual items such as ticket stubs, holding them in place with poster putty. Use removable, double-sided poster tape to mount jewel cases to the walls, or create a chain of CD cases by taping two strands of fishing line to the backs of the cases to make a series of cases. Hang the line from a nail high up on a wall, or from a coat hook. Display concert T-shirts that you actually wear on inexpensive mannequin torso front forms designed to hang from a wall. Simply take down the one you wish to wear and replace it with another freshly washed shirt.

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