Art gets noticed when it is displayed creatively.

How to Display a Group of Paintings on a Wall

by Alicia Garey

Artwork is the finishing touch that personalizes and expresses your unique sense of style. Arrangements can be collected over time, and it can be fun to rotate artwork you already own when the mood strikes. Inexpensive art can have a big impact if it is framed dramatically. Give thought to how and where special pieces are displayed. Children's art adds a touch of whimsy to a picture grouping.

Lay out your artwork on the floor in front of the wall on which you will display it. If the paintings are various sizes, select one as the main focus and arrange the other art around it either symmetrically on either side or in more of a random layout, evenly spaced. One large painting can also take center stage with smaller pieces on either side. For asymmetry, arrange a large piece off center and a grouping either to the right or left of it.

Use inexpensive wrapping paper with a grid printed on it, or craft paper, and trace your frames onto the grid. For each frame, pull the hanging wire taut and measure from there to the top of the frame; mark that spot on the paper cut-outs. Tape the cut-outs onto the wall in your desired grouping. Drive in the nail or picture hanger on the spots you've indicated, remove the paper, and hang the pictures.

Arrange four or more paintings of the same size in a grid or a horizontal line, similar to a gallery presentation.

Hang one or more picture ledges and display paintings on them; you can rearrange at any time with no tools required.

Items you will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Picture hangers
  • Wrapping paper with a printed grid or craft paper


  • Make sure your wall is in good condition for hanging artwork. More than one person may be needed to hang large or heavy artwork. Check the weight capacity of a picture ledge. Use the appropriate picture hanger for the weight of the picture.

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