The simplest kitchen utensils can be things of beauty.

How to Display Mixing Bowls and Kitchen Utensils as Decor

by Lorna Hordos

If you have ever jealously ogled a TV chef’s kitchen, take a closer look the next time you steal a few television-viewing moments. You might note that their seemingly perfect surroundings consist of kitchen basics -- things you likely have on hand. With a few tips and tricks, you can display your mixing bowls and kitchen utensils in ways similar to TV chefs that will make your favorite neighborhood moms wish they had thought of the simple, but oh-so-chic designs first.

Mixing Bowls

Whether you have a glorious set of brightly colored mixing bowls or a charming old and chipped set, use their hues as a starting point for a mini-makeover. Separate and line up your mixing bowls from larger to smaller to cover more area, or stack them if space is limited.

Kitchen Utensils

Utensils can be sweet and antique, shiny and new or have colorful handles. When displayed thoughtfully, they also can be a form of art. If you are going for a countrified or pastoral style, a small, vintage milk pail or simple, white cookie jar holds your ladle, flipper, tongs and other cookery must-haves. For a trendier look, employ a heavy, clear vase or chrome canister for the job. Keep the utensils on the counter near your stove or on a workspace island for convenience.

Display Ideas

The kitchen counter and open shelves are obvious go-to places for mixing bowls and utensils, but consider other places to tuck, set or hang them. Utensils with holes in their handles or with grabby working ends, such as a whisk's loops or a potato masher's grid pattern, look good on hooks. Display them in rows along a wall, under cabinetry or on a rod across a window to glint in the sun. Place non-metal mixing bowls atop a microwave; set them in any dead space above upper cupboards or inside cupboards with glass doors. Hang cast-iron frying pans by the holes in their handles as contrasting backdrops for white, pastel or bright-colored bowls or a container of metal utensils. For back-to-basics atmosphere, display rows or groups of spices, herbs, lentils and pastas in canning jars near your bowls and utensils.


If you have young children who enjoy helping you in the kitchen, keep an assortment of kid-friendly, nylon utensils and a few colorful plastic mixing bowls at the ready to make it easier and safer for them to get involved. When it is time to retire old mixing bowls or vintage utensils, find other places throughout the home to show them off. A small mixing bowl could hold bath salts or soaps. Place a potted plant in a large bowl; set an old apple peeler next to a glass or metal apple on a living-room bookcase, or let the kids paint wooden utensils for you to retrofit or upcycle as a key rack. Old bowls and utensils also become puppet-like wall art or find new life as cute props for floppy plants.

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