Odd-shaped objects look best when displayed as collections.

How to Display Odd-Shaped Objects on Your Wall

by Kathryn Vercillo

An assortment of odd-shaped objects can inject personality into a space when properly displayed on a wall. Aim for symmetry even when you're using objects in unusual shapes and sizes. Make the display look cohesive by choosing items related to a theme and sticking to a color scheme. Add shelving to allow large objects to stand out in a three-dimensional space away from the wall.


Odd-shaped items won't hang symmetrically on your wall, but you can use symmetry as the starting point for your design. Visually divide the wall space into four equal parts. Create balance by trying to weight each of the four parts fairly equally. If you hang a really large object in the top-right corner, such as a taxidermied elkhead -- in each of the other corners, hang items with a total approximate size as that large piece -- perhaps four tribal masks.

Themed Collections

An assortment of odd-shaped objects looks more cohesive when each item fits a theme. Use a collection of items that are all from the same part of the world or items from your travels. For example, a collection of items from your vacation in Argentina such as a leather bag, a yerba mate cup and a statue of tango dancers look cohesive since they all highlight important aspects of Argentinian culture. Alternatively, use a broad theme such as nature or animals. Display a collection of sand dollars and seashells or framed leaves, large rocks and photos of trees. Or, opt to display a collection of very specific items -- masks, spoons and salt shakers. Define your theme and remove all the pieces that don't fit the theme.

Color Schemes

If you have many different odd-shaped items to display and they don't fit a theme, work around a specific color scheme instead. If you have enough items of the same color, that's perfect. If not, choose items in the same color family. For example, go with a blue / purple theme. Alternatively, pick two or three colors to work into the space. Ideally, the color scheme of your wall display matches or complements the rest of the room.


Frames are a functional way to bring an array of items together into a cohesive look. Odd-shaped objects work best inside shadowboxes. However, you can also hang flat open frames without glass around the objects, centering the object in the middle of each frame. Use the same style of frame in different sizes to get the matching look.

Add Shelving

Large 3D objects may not work well in frames, so hang them by adding small shelves to your wall and place the objects on the shelves. Stagger your shelves at different heights. Hang flat objects behind the shelves to create a layered effect. Use thin, unobtrusive shelves if you don't want them to serve as a focus, or make them bold and big to enhance the total impact of the design.

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