Make a door hanger as creative as your youngster.

Door Hanger Crafts for Kids

by Rosenya Faith

Door hangers are functional and fun, and give your kiddo an opportunity to show off just what a talented little craftster she can be! She can show off her creative side and explore the artist within, and even get a little letter and printing practice in at the same time. The best part: chances are good that everything you need for this craft project is lurking somewhere in the craft box.

Wooden Stick Door Hanger

Let your child stake her claim in her room with a simple wooden door sign, made from craft sticks glued together side-by-side and adorned with a simple string hanger. You can help her write her name on the sign, or practice letter recognition by spelling it out with stickers. If your youngster's a fan of building and construction, she'll love to make a house-shaped hanger. Start with the same simple hanger and top it with a roof shape, made from cut pieces of wooden sticks. You can also make a pencil-shaped door hanger by gluing the craft sticks together side by side and attaching a card stock pencil tip to one end. Now the door hanger is ready for your youngster's artful additions with paint, markers or stickers.

Craft Foam Door Hanger

Craft foam is simple to work with and provides your child with a multitude of shape and character possibilities. What better picture for your special door hanger craft than a photo of your child? Cut out two identical shapes from the foam and make a photo frame hole in one. Place the picture in between and glue the layers together. Add a ribbon or string hanger and let your child add the finishing touches. You can also make an ordinary rectangular door hanger and let him embellish it with foam sticker shapes and letters, or let the door hanger reflect your youngster's love for animals by cutting the hanger into a kitten, puppy or even an elephant shape. Make a loopy tail on top of an animal-shaped hanger, and let your child customize the decoration with hand-drawn features.

Paper Plate Door Hanger

Turn an ordinary paper plate into an animal face to adorn your child's door. Let her decorate it with markers or crayons, add googly eyes, construction paper ears and pompom noses, and then write your child's name along the bottom edge of the paper plate. If animal faces are too mundane, let your child turn the plate into an imaginative looking mask instead. For a flower-loving munchkin, help her paint the entire plate in her favorite color and adorn the outer edges with a border of colorful silk flowers. If flowers aren't your child's favorite things, opt for glitter and glue, paper shape cutouts or feathers instead.

Ribbon Door Hanger

If you have some wide ribbon hiding in the craft box, you have just about everything you need for a simple ribbon door hanger. Just cut the ribbon to the length you'd like and then cut an extra piece to shape into a bow for the top -- an excellent opportunity to teach your child how to tie a bow. Have your child print his name down the length of the ribbon with fabric markers or puffy paint. If he hasn't mastered printing just yet, help him stencil the letters onto poster board or foam. Cut out the letters and let him glue them down the length of the ribbon. If your kiddo loves art, pick up wooden letters and let her create a colorful name with paint. Hot glue the letters in place down the ribbon and the door hanger is done.


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