Encourage artistic expression at any age.

Drawing Activities for Preschoolers

by Kelly Sundstrom

Although toddlers may not have the capacity to draw pictures with a clear image or shape, preschoolers can master simple drawings and will often practice their drawing skills throughout the day. Encourage your preschooler's artistic ability by providing her with a few drawing activities designed to increase spacial awareness and expression.

Shapes and Forms

Teach young children about basic shapes and forms, such as circles, squares, triangles and ovals. Understanding these basic shapes can prepare preschoolers for mathematics and can also increase spacial awareness. Show your child how to cut out different shapes from construction paper. Place a larger sheet of paper on to a table, then allow your child to glue the shapes on to the paper with a glue stick into a form, like a flower or an animal.

Different Types of Lines

With different lines, your preschooler can create a wide variety of different pictures and drawings. Show your child how to draw all of the basic types of lines, such as wavy, straight, curved, zigzag and spiraling. Give your child a piece of paper and washable markers, then allow her to draw a picture on to the page. Encourage her to try and use all of the different lines to create one picture.


Teach your preschooler the basics of color theory by having her create a painting using multiple shapes of a single color. Hang up a large sheet of paper, such as newsprint or watercolor paper, then give your child containers with at least three different shades of one color. Allow your child to paint a picture using the different shades to create depth and dimension.

Thumbprint Drawing

Show your preschooler how to make a silly and exciting picture using her thumbprints and markers. Place a sheet of drawing paper on to a table top, then show you child how to press her thumb on to a washable ink pad. Press her thumbprint on to the paper to show her how, then allow her to make as many thumbprints as she prefers. Show her how to add legs, arms and other features on to each thumbprint to create an amusing picture of thumbprint people and animals.

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