Get her a costume that'll reflect a gazillion lights from the disco ball.

How to Dress a Kid for a Disco

by Rosenya Faith

If your little munchkin's crazy about dancing, introduce him to an era of popularized dances like the “Penguin,” the “Robot” and of course, the “Hustle.” Whether you're preparing for a Halloween party or a disco-themed birthday celebration, your little guy will arrive in eye-catching '70s style at his first little disco with an authentic-looking costume, characterized by flare and pizzazz. After all, he needs something that's really going to sparkle and shine beneath the infamous disco ball.

Disco Gal

Start with one of your long-sleeved stretchy cotton or spandex shirts. Reach way into the back of your closet and pull out one with plenty of pattern. You know -- that crazy-patterned shirt you bought on a whim and by the time you got home you were asking yourself what in the world you were thinking. If you have to buy new, look for a nylon fabric that reflects light well.

Try the shirt on your little munchkin and pin it close to her body and down her arms to her wrists. She can take the shirt off now. If your munchkin is a bit squirmy, lay your shirt inside out and place one of her close-fitting dresses on top. Trace around the dress, leaving a little gap for the seams.

Flip the shirt inside out and sew along the pin or chalk lines to turn that shirt into a groovy disco dress. Go ahead and cut off the excess fabric when you're done.

Flip the new dress right side out and wrap some feather or boa trim around each wrist. Pin the trim in place and sew to make some outlandish disco cuffs for the dress. You can do the same for the neckline or hemline if you want.

Find a pair of adult-size silver or light gray socks that reach just above your munchkin's knees when she tries them on. Have her slip on a comfy pair of shoes or slippers and then slide the socks on over top. The socks should now reach just under her knees for some easy-to-make fashion boots.

Make the slippery bottomed go-go boots safe by painting some zigzags across the bottoms with fabric paint. Send the socks through the dryer on high heat to make the paint crack and provide that non-slip surface. No more hot drying after this though, or you'll end up peeling the paint right off the socks.

Add a headband and a pair of big, dangling clip-on earrings and voila – your little gal's ready for a disco.

Disco Dude

Pick up a pair of white dress pants with a straight-leg fit and a white dress shirt to match. Look for something that comes in a silky nylon fiber or another fabric that reflects light well.

Cut off the collar and cuffs from an old dress shirt; use a color that stands out from the white. Sew the rough edge of the collar around the inner neckline of the new shirt. Flip it over top of the new neckline and now you've got a groovy new collar for the costume.

Sew the rough edge of each cuff to the inside edge of each of the new shirt's cuffs.

Have your little guy put on a white T-shirt and then top it with the new enhanced dress shirt. Leave it open for a classic disco look.

Add a gaudy necklace with an equally garish medallion.

Slick his hair back with a dollop of gel and voila – your little guy is ready for his first disco.

Items you will need

  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Straight pins or tailor's chalk
  • Sewing machine and elastic thread
  • Feather or boa trim
  • Silver or gray socks
  • Slippers or shoes
  • Fabric paint
  • Headband
  • Clip-on earrings
  • White dress pants and dress shirt
  • Old dress shirt
  • Fashion neckline and pendant
  • Hair gel


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