Dress twins in a similar but not identical fashion.

How to Dress Toddler Twins for a Family Portrait

by Chelsea Fitzgerald

You'd like your twins to look perfectly turned-out for your family portrait. You'd like them to appear well-groomed and well-parented. Mostly, you'd like them to sit still for a second -- the same second -- so you can do this thing. Making your wiggle-worms stop squirming will be the job of the photographer, who should have some tricks for that purpose. Dressing them up is your job. Keep these tips in mind to make sure they're ready for their close-up.

Dress your twins for the portrait in outfits that reflect their personalities. Is one boy boisterous and the other reserved? Pick outfits that reflect these differences -- maybe a plaid baby-blue shirt with pearl snap buttons for the more outgoing child and a classic polo shirt for the quieter brother.

Pick clothes that are comfortable for the sitting. Taking portraits of a group typically takes longer than those with just one person in the picture, and toddlers have little patience for posing. Outfits that are itchy or require constant adjustments aren't a wise selection under the circumstances. Shirts that need to stay tucked in won't if your toddlers engage in rolling on the floor or jumping off props. Plan ahead to make their look and your life easier.

Dress your twins in identical outfits if you desire, but add something to give each child individuality. For instance, if you have twin girls, place a bow in one daughter's hair and allow the other one to wear a headband. If your twins are a boy and a girl, choose a pinafore for the girl in the same material as the vest or tie the boy wears. Of course, if your toddlers are highly competitive, you may have to keep the accessories identical -- this prevents one girl from snatching her sister bald if she covets that hair clip.

Pick colors that blend well together for every family member. If you're taking the picture against a brown background, choose khaki bottoms for everyone and shirts out of a medium blue or another color that complements everyone's skin tone. Don't have someone wear a royal blue shirt while another family member dons an aqua shade. For your twins, a wise idea is to have one wear a khaki-colored shirt with blue slacks while dressing the other in a blue shirt with khaki slacks. This creates interest in the portrait.

Select shoes for the twins that are in similar colors -- such as brown leather -- but different styles. One twin boy might wear a slip-on brown loafer while the other wears brown leather shoes that tie. Many people think that shoes and socks are hidden in portraits, but this is not true, particularly in casual poses.


  • Keep the portrait placement in mind when choosing outfits. Lay the outfits around the room where you plan to hang the family portrait. Check to see if the colors clash. If your living room is the perfect spot for the picture and it has gold and apricot shades in the furnishings, do not dress your twins or other family members in apple red or purple.
  • Parents often dress infant twins in identical outfits, but by the time your two hit toddler age, it's important to allow their clothing to express their individual personalities and preferences -- especially for a portrait that will capture this time in their lives for posterity.

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