Playing dress up encourages a child's creativity, and it's so much fun!

Dress Up Crafts for Kids

by Dana Hinders

Kids love to play dress up, but you probably don't want your preschool-aged child taking a pair of scissors to your favorite evening gown to make herself a pretty princess dress (Oh, no!) or turning a $20 tube of lipstick into clown makeup. Channel her creative urges into completing dress up crafts that she can use to transform herself into whatever character her heart desires.

Homemade Face Paint

Face paint is a necessity for any dress up enthusiast and it's easy to make your own. Combine 1 teaspoon cornstarch, 1/2 teaspoon cold cream and 1/2 teaspoon water. Add finely crumbled eye shadow until the paint is the desired color; this is a great way to teach children about blending colors while getting rid of those wacky eye shadow shades you purchased on a whim. Apply the face paint with a small makeup brush. Remove with soap and water.

Yarn Wig

Make a silly wig from yarn to inspire hours of creative play. Cut off the brim from an old baseball cap that fits your child's head or find a stocking cap that is no longer needed. Cut yarn into one yard pieces. You can use yarn that mimics your child's natural hair color or use different colors of yarn to make a more outlandish looking wig. Back stitch the yarn in place, forming a center part. Let your preschooler style the wig, as desired.

Superhero Cape

Both boys and girls love to pretend to be superheros. You can make a no-sew superhero cape by cutting a large "bib" shape from a rectangle of fleece that measures 20-by-28 inches. Add self stick hook-and-loop closure squares to opposite sides of the neck pieces so that your child can easily take the cape on and off. Let your preschooler cut out felt pieces to make the superhero emblem of his choice. Use fabric glue to attach the emblem to the back of the cape. If desired, stitch his name on the cape using embroidery floss in a coordinating color.

Magic Wand

If your child is a fan of wizards or he just likes magic in general, you can make a homemade wand from a wooden dowel cut to the desired size. Apply swirls of hot glue around the dowel. Add a large bead or a button with an interesting texture to the top. Sprinkle smaller seed beads or bit of coarse sand around the glue on the base. When the glue is completely dry, give the wand to your child. Have him paint it with various shades of acrylic paint. Add a dusting of glitter, if desired.

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