Save money and energy by line-drying your laundry.

How to Dry Clothes on a Clothesline Outside

by Kimbry Parker

Drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline might seem like something only your grandmother does, but it’s actually an eco-friendly alternative to machine-drying clothes. Not only will you save money by not powering your clothes dryer, your clothes will smell fresh without having to use dryer sheets. When done properly, you can hang your clothes on a clothesline relatively quickly and easily.

Give each item a good shake before hanging it. This will help to remove wrinkles and restore the shape of the garment.

Start with heavy and large items, such as bed sheets, towels, jeans and heavy shirts. Hang them on the outer parts of the clothesline. Hang smaller items, such as socks, small shirts, washcloths and dish rags, in the center of the clothesline.

Hang the items by folding the top edge of each garment over the clothesline. Place a clothespin on each end of the item to hold it in place. Hang the items in a single layer so they dry fast. Overlap the ends of bigger items like towels and sheets and secure them with one clothespin to help save space on the line and reduce the number of pins you need to use.

Items you will need

  • Clothespins


  • If you're worried about colored items facing in the sun, turn the garments inside-out to dry. Or hang them inside or in a shady area.
  • Some delicate garments may be damaged by clothespins. For such items, hang them on a clothes hanger, then secure the hanger to the clothesline with a clothespin. Also, some knits and stretchy fabrics may become stretched out if hung on a clothesline. Lay these items on a drying rack to dry indoors.
  • Secure items to the clothesline with extra clothespins on especially windy days so they don’t blow away.

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