Don't skip glitter! With the right process you can get glitter nail polish off with ease.

An Easier Way to Take Glitter Nail Polish Off

by Alexandra Corbella

Glitter nail polish is stylish and easy to apply. Plus, it lasts for days without chipping. In fact, glitter polish may stay on a little too well, because it's often difficult to remove. Skip the fruitless scrubbing and try a different approach to get glitter polish off quickly.

Selecting a Polish Remover

Non-acetone nail polish removers utilize gentle solvents such as ethyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol. These solvents don't remove glitter nail polish as well as acetone. Acetone is an extremely powerful solvent that will quickly remove glossy nail polish, glitter nail polish and even some types of gel manicures. However, acetone doesn't just remove polish. It also strips a lot of the natural oils that help keep your nails healthy, so many people choose to avoid it.

Scrubbing With Acetone

Removing glitter nail polish with pure acetone is simple. Soak a cotton ball or pad in the acetone, then wipe back and forth across your nail several times. Some of the glitter polish will lift quickly and wipe off easily. Glitter that remains should be left to sit while you move on to the next nail. Return to the left-behind glitter after about 30 seconds and give it another scrub with your cotton ball or pad. Since it has been sitting damp with acetone while you worked on another nail, it should now wipe off easily.

Soaking With Non-Acetone Remover

If you have very dry nails, you may wish to skip acetone altogether. One way to remove glitter nail polish with non-acetone remover is by soaking your nails in it for several minutes. Start by getting a small bowl that you can fit all five of your fingers in at once. Pour about two inches of non-acetone remover into the bowl, then dip one hand in. Make sure each nail is completely submerged in the remover. Wait two minutes, then remove your nails from the bowl and rub them with a cotton ball or pad. If any glitter remains behind, simply dunk your nails back into the remover for about 30 more seconds.

The Rubber Band Method

Another way to remove glitter nail polish with acetone or non-acetone remover is with ten cotton balls and ten rubber bands. Soak each cotton ball completely in the nail polish remover. Place a cotton ball on top of each nail, then wrap the rubber band around the finger tip to fasten the cotton in place. Allow the cotton balls to sit on your fingers for several minutes, then slowly pull the cotton off. The glitter polish will slide right off.

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