Let your child exlore real lilies into craft time for additional sensory input.

Easter Lily Crafts for Children

by Rosenya Faith

If your child thinks the Easter bunny is the only good thing about Easter, perhaps it's time to introduce her to beautiful Easter lilies with a variety of engaging and entertaining crafts. By the time she's done crafting these lilies, she might just by interested in a lily garden of her own.

Personalized Lilies

Create a beautiful bouquet of Easter lilies that can never be duplicated; these precious flowers are made from your child's own hand print. Trace around your child's hand on white card stock and cut out the prints -- one hand print equals one flower, so make as few or as many as you like. Make a pair of leaves from a green card stock and curl the hand print lilies and leaves around a pencil to give them a more realistic shape. Wrap the base of the hand print around a green straw and secure it in place with tape. You're almost done! Tape the leaves to the straw, make a stamen from a folded piece of yellow pipe cleaner and push the stamen into the top of the straw.

Felt Lily

Help your child make little felt lilies to glue onto a hair clip or attach to the bodice of her Easter dress. The flowers are made from two lily shaped pieces of felt; draw six elongated, oval petals side by side, connected at the base. When you cut out the shape and roll it up like a funnel, it will form the lily's familiar trumpet shape. Make the petals as large as you like -- and cut out a felt stamen and leaf, too. The flower is held together with an extra little strip of green felt, about 1/2 an inch wide and 4 inches long. Help your child hold the yellow felt in one hand and wrap the first lily flower around the stamen tightly. You can add a little fabric glue to keep the flower in place and then wrap the second flower around the first. Add a little more glue and then glue the little leaf against the flower. Spread some fabric glue along the strip of green felt and wrap it around the base of the flower.

Lily Wall Art

Decorate your child's wall with a hand decorated lily that encourages him to flex his fine motor skills. Cut out a large lily shape from poster board or card stock, or cut out a bunch of small lily shapes and turn the craft into a lily collage. Rip up sheet upon sheet of tissue paper and let your child scrunch up the pieces -- encourage sound and texture exploration -- and have him glue the little pieces on top of the lily. Now, all you have to do is let the wall art dry and hang it up in a prominent place; your child will beam with pride every time a visitor drops by. If you've opted for the collage, glue each of the miniature lilies on to a large sheet of poster board, or hang the lilies individually in a cluster on the wall.

Lily Treat Bags

Make an adorable lily-shaped treat bag for your child's Easter party, or just to carry around her special trinkets. These bags are made from plain, white paper bags with tops shaped into lilies. Trace a lily shape on the top 1/3 of the bag and cut it out. Now you can hand over the art supplies and let your child turn that ordinary bag into something extraordinary. When the decorations have dried, simply fill the bag with treats or trinkets and twist the bag at the base of the lily shape. Secure with a length of green ribbon to simulate the leaves and voila -- your child's Easter treat bag is complete. You can also make the treat bags from a piece of white felt, or make miniature treat bags for small party favors by shaping a piece of construction paper into a bag shape and continuing with the lily top.


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