She might meet a real Easter Bunny in her Sunday school class.

Easter Sunday School Lessons for Toddlers

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

Up early and dressed in their best finery, your family heads to church on Easter Sunday. More people show up for Easter Sunday and Christmas services than any other service. The toddler Sunday school teachers will have an enjoyable Sunday school lesson for a packed out class. If you don’t make it to church, you can prepare and execute your own Easter Sunday lesson for your toddler.

Empty Tomb

One of the most exciting parts of the Easter story is the empty tomb. Your toddler might explore a closet decorated like a cave to discover Jesus isn’t there. He might have a chat with the angel who greeted those who came to prepare Jesus’ body for burial. He could create his own empty tomb from modeling clay or color one he makes from folded paper. He might make puppets of the angel, disciples and Jesus so he can tell you all about the empty tomb when he gets home.

Easter Symbols

Your toddler might be familiar with Easter symbols such as an empty cross, Easter egg, Easter bunny or baby chicks. She could make a craft stick chart while she hears the story of Jesus’ resurrection. She might see and touch baby chicks or a stuffed Easter bunny and discover that these symbols represent new life, not just Easter sweet treats. She might hunt and bring home Easter eggs decorated with colorful Christian symbols.

Jesus in Disguise

When Jesus appeared to Mary in John 20:13-18, she didn’t recognize him. In Luke 24:13-33, two disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t recognize Jesus either. Your toddler might wonder why Jesus’ disciples didn’t recognize him. He might think Jesus was in disguise. He could learn why Jesus looked different or why the disciples didn’t expect to see him alive since they knew he was dead. He might also think about the way Mary and the disciples recognized Jesus. He could share bread, a drink and a prayer with friends or family to remember that Jesus told his disciples to remember him when they broke bread together.

Go, Tell

Jesus told Mary and his disciples to tell others that he was alive. Your toddler could attend an Easter celebration party where the kids are invited to shout, “He isn’t here. He is risen” or “Jesus lives.” She might run from person to person to share the good news, “Jesus is alive.” She might decorate Easter bookmarks she can share with others to let them know that Jesus isn’t in the tomb.

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