A father will cherish a gift made by his child for years to come.

Easy Christmas Gifts That Children Can Make for Their Dad

by Wannikki Taylor

The Christmas season is about spending time with loved ones and exchanging presents. A child is never too young to take part in the gift giving experience by creating his own homemade gifts to give to his parents. He can use a few, simple materials to make a gift for his father and show him how much he loves and appreciates him.

Office Supplies

A father may have old papers scattered around his work or home office. His child can make a useful storage folder set where his father can neatly keep any papers to help him stay organized. Have him think of a favorite interest or hobby his father enjoys like cars or basketball. Let him cut out pictures from a magazine and glue them on manila folders to make a themed collage. He can also use scraps of holiday gift wrap to make a Christmas-themed file. His father can place the folders on his desk or bookshelf.

Reading Accessories

For fathers who love to read during the winter season, a bookmark created by his child will help him hold his pages in place. Have him draw a bookmark shape on a piece of card stock paper. He can cut it out, decorate it with art supplies and write a sweet message to his father. Punch a hole at the top and let him tie a string through the hole. Cover the bookmark with clear contact paper or laminate it. He can purchase an inexpensive book to place the bookmark in and wrap it up to surprise his dad for Christmas.

Picture Frames

A picture of his child brings a smile to any father's face. A child can make a simple Popsicle frame with her picture to give as a gift. Have her glue the tips of four Popsicle sticks together to create a square. Size the photo to fit the frame by cutting it and let her paste it to the Popsicle sticks. Have her glue another set of Popsicle sticks in a square to paste on top of the photo. Punch a hole at the top of the picture and tie yarn through. Her father can hang the frame on his office wall or use for a holiday ornament as a keepsake.

Treat Jars

The winter season is the ideal time for fathers to enjoy all kinds of hot drinks. A child can make a treat jar that will enable her father to enjoy a hot cup of tea anytime. Have the child put individual tea bags along with sugar packets, peppermint candy, wrapped tea biscuits and plastic spoons in an empty jar. Have her put a piece of decorative holiday fabric over the top the jar and secure it with a ribbon. Print instructions on how to make the tea and have her tape it to the jar. When her father is ready, he can pour the ingredients into a hot cup of water and stir it to enjoy.

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