Mosaics are fun to create and give your child free rein over her design.

Easy Mosaic Tile Projects for Kids

by Eliza Martinez

Mosaics are pictures made up of small parts that combine to create something magical. Toddlers and preschoolers love to make projects, but many mosaic ones are too complicated for short attention spans. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a mosaic with your child, but you’ll have to keep it quick and simple so you aren’t stuck finishing up long after your little one has moved on to something else. You can make mosaics with a variety of materials so your child is sure to find one she enjoys.


Clay is fun for little hands to squish and it comes in a rainbow of colors to appeal to the inner artist in your child. Use white to create a simple shape, such as a heart or star. Make small squares with brightly colored clay and stick them to the white shape. Cover the entire top surface of the shape with the clay mosaic tiles. Allow the clay to dry and harden and you have a paperweight, garden decoration or a gift for grandparents.


Many craft stores sell marbles that are flat on one side. They sparkle and glitter and chances are they’ll attract the eye of your little artist. Pick up some in a variety of colors and make a mosaic with them. Start by cutting the shape of your child’s choice out of cardboard. A square with the center removed becomes a picture frame, a circle makes a colorful wall hanging and a square makes a fun trivet for your kitchen table. Use craft glue to adhere the flat side of the marble to the cardboard. Marbles pose a choking hazard to toddlers and preschoolers so never let your child do this project unsupervised.


Your little one probably hates the home improvement store, but it's a great place to find uniformly-sized tiles that aren't sharp on the edges. If you aren't brave enough to venture in with her, go on your own and buy a selection of small square tiles with which to create a mosaic. Glue them in patterns on gazing balls for your garden, a flowerpot for the front porch or a vase for your entry table. Your toddler or preschooler can take pride in her masterpiece anytime a visitor comments on it and you'll have a unique treasure for your home. Stay close by during this project, since small tiles pose a choking risk and glass can break and cut little hands.


The appeal of art projects for toddlers and preschoolers is that they can create anything and it's sure to garner your praise and admiration. Using beads to make a mosaic allows her the freedom to combine colors and shapes to her heart's content. Again, beads are a choking hazard so make sure your little one is using them for the craft and not taste testing them. Use craft glue to stick beads to wooden picture frames, cardboard wall hangings or a wooden birdhouse for your back patio.

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