Actress Tika Sumpter wears a sleek top-knot bun to the "After Earth" movie premiere.

Easy Updos to Wear to Work

by Danielle Jennings

Hairstyles are often a direct reflection of your personality, mood or circumstance; and while an expert cut or hair that flows down your back gets loads of attention, they are not the only ways to make a hair statement. Particularly in the workplace, you want a hairstyle that is polished, stylish and fuss-free, which is why an array of updos are hair options you should try.

The Bun

The bun is an updo hairstyle that has been around for decades; however, there has been an incredible resurgence in popularity of the style within the last few years, due in part to the myriad of celebs who favor it. As with many updos, there are variations to the bun such as: a top-knot bun, a messy bun and a textured bun. The placement of a bun is also a way to inject a bit of personal style, whether you opt for a low style at the nape of the neck, anchored to one side for a side-swept look or the classic placement high atop the head. In addition to being fuss-free, a bun is ideal for the workplace because it looks effortlessly put together, while also appearing chic and fashion forward.

The Chignon

For many, it's easy to confuse a chignon updo with its close cousin the bun, which is understandable; however, there is a distinct difference. While a bun is simply hair pulled back and pinned/wrapped around to form a circular shape, a chignon is hair that can be pinned/tucked in different directions to form a coil-like shape. The look of a chignon offers the same visual effect as a bun, but more intricate in its formation. It is equally low maintenance and office appropriate, and the bonus is when you take your hair down it will have a nice texture due to the strands of hair that were pinned and tucked.

The Ponytail

It's as classic as a pair of jeans and as timeless as a little black dress -- the ponytail is one of those things that is always in style and appropriate for practically every occasion. In terms of an updo, there are so many ways to wear a ponytail that you would be hard-pressed to find a variation that you didn't love. For the office, however, it's best to keep things sleek and classic, saving the fun and flirty options for the weekends and nights out on the town. A low ponytail worn at the nape of the neck, a classic middle style or one even cast off to the side are all good options for the office. Keep your ponytail sleek and avoid too much texture, which could be perceived as a little too distracting for some office dress/appearance codes.

The Bouffant

Retro looks are always in style, and one sexy updo that originated in the 1960s is just as popular today -- the bouffant. It's big, dramatic and one of the best updos for the office. Unlike the prior updos mentioned, the bouffant takes a bit more work to achieve because there is a fair amount of teasing involved to create the desired look and shape. However, don't let the little extra time required deter you away from such a fun and stylish way to wear your hair up. You can also combine the bouffant shape with other updo styles such as the bun, chignon or ponytail.

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